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Sold $5 OBO. Nearly Any offer accepted, equipment must go - Blichmann Setup, Kegerators, Kegs, Fermentors, Accessories

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Sep 27, 2011
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San Diego
*Equipment is gone, Thanks"

Hey All, with 4 kiddos I'm just not brewing the amount that I'd like to. The 1st 10 Gal pot has about 30 batches on it. The second 10 gal, hop spider, pump have about 20-25 batches on them. The 7.5 gal, immersion chiller have about 40-50 batches on them. Won many awards on this system. Will take nearly any offer hence the $5 OBO listed above, mostly just looking for it to go to a good homebrew home. Post here or message me if interested.

For pick up in San Diego (no shipping). Thanks!

  • Beverage Factory Kegerator with 2 tap tower, homebrew adapters, 2 5lb CO2 cannisters
  • 5 Five gallon corny kegs
  • 10 Gallon G1 Blichmann Kettle (dip tube, Cam Lock adapter)
  • Custom Large Stainless Steel Hop Spider for 10 Gal Kettle
  • 10 Gallon G1 Blichmann Mash Tun (dip tube, Cam Lock adapter)
  • Blichmann False Bottom
  • 7.5 Gal Aluminum HLT with Reflectix Wrap, cam lock adapters, Blichmann thermometer
  • 10 Gallon Anvil Stainless Fermentation Bucket
  • 2 Six gallon carboys
  • 2 Bayou Burners
  • 1 Bayou Burner with burner removed (available) mounted with Steelhead Pump
  • Northern Brewer Steelhead Pump with Camlock Adapters
  • 25 Foot Copper Immersion Chiller
  • Morebeer recirculation Whirlpool arm
  • Multiple high temperature tubing with cam locks
  • Tons of odds and ends: Thermometers, Johnson Temp Controllers, Refractometers, Hydrometers, stir plate, flask, bottle sanitizer, capper, etc.

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I really wanted this setup, but the work schedule created too many conflicts to getting down to San Diego! Someone is going to get a great system!

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