4 day fermentation?

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Jan 10, 2008
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so my beer started off with slow bubbles about every 30 secs more every now and then but on the fourth day i watched it for an hour with no bubbles, i took a hydrometer test and it was 1.020 which in my books it means its done, but can this be true? i've since put it in my carboy and i'm now seeing bubbles again but there really slow.. can anyone help?
Yes it could be done but some aging will help it. Some bubles with escape from being knocked out of suspention via racking.

Also please don't double post.
It is impossible to tell if it is done by single hydrometer reading. What was your OG? Is the reading changing on consecutive days? You'll need to know these things to determine whether or not it is truly done.
Have you only taken a single 1.020 reading or multiple over a few days? Has the krausen dropped yet?

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