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For Sale 3 Vessel HERMS System - $2900 Long Island NY

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Sawdust Brewing

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Dec 26, 2022
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Babylon, New York
I'm selling my 20 gallon SS Brewtech HERMS system because I'm switching to a different brewing setup. This setup includes one 20 gallon SS Brewtech eKettle Hot Liquor Tank with a Blichmann HERMS coil installed, one 20 Gallon SS Brewtech Brew Kettle Mash Tun with a false bottom, dial thermometer, and 3-piece stainless ball valve drain. There is also a weldless tri clamp bulkhead installed near the top of the kettle for adding whichever recirc/sparge you prefer. There is also a 20 gallon SS Brewtech eKettle for the Boil Kettle. Both of the eKettles include the heating element with included temp probe. More info on the eKettles here eKettle These kettles pair perfectly with the SS Brewtech 2V controller which you can learn about here eController | 2V As you can see the 20 gallon kettles sell for $519 each without the extras I've added to them, the Mash Tun kettle sells for $409 without the false bottom, tri clamp bulkhead, or the neoprene jacket I've added. The controller is $1199 by itself. I've also included a Spike steam condensing lid for the Boil Kettle (a must-have for indoor brewing) which sells for $350 brand new. Over $3300 worth of equipment all in excellent condition. **This system will require a dedicated 240V 30AMP circuit to use**



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