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For Sale 20 Gallon Gas Brewing Setup (SNJ)

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May 14, 2013
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I have switched from different gas 3-ish vessel systems to an electric BIAB system, and need to sell my equipment to make some room in the garage. I have the following for sale. I'd love to sell it all at once, but I can split it up if you don't want the whole thing.

Big Gas Rig (for making 10 gallon batches) - $900 if you buy the whole package?
- Blichmann burner - MSRP $150 - asking $100
- comes with Natural Gas orifice/10' quick disconnect as well as LP orifice/hose/regulator/hookup, so you can brew with either. I brewed with NG myself.
- 20g SS BrewTech Infussion Mash Tun - MSRP $750 - asking $500
- Comes with hose and sparge manifold. They do make a larger sparge manifold for this particular mash tun, with twice as many arms, I just picked up the smaller one, and it's worked great for me.
- also has the coasters SSBT gives you when you buy their equipment.
- 20g SS BrewTech TC Kettle - MSRP $450 - asking $350
- Whirlpool port/valve
- Silicon Hoses with camlocks, as well as extra camlock pieces - $50 for the whole set. These are "backwards" in that the male ends are on the hoses and the female ends are on everything else (I'm not the brightest bulb sometimes).

Small pump - you can see it in the last picture with the hoses and the camlock extras - never used. $80

Little Gas Rig (for making 5 gallon batches) - $200 for the whole package
- homemade burner (but it's the same burner as the blichmann, I just welded it up myself) - asking $40
- comes with Natural Gas orifice & LP orifice/hose/regulator/hookup, so you can brew with either. I brewed with NG myself.
- 10g kettle with bulkhead, thermometer, and 3 piece ball valve - asking $125
- 10g Home Depot cooler, with valve - asking $35
- BIAB bag (new) for the depot cooler - asking $20

I always cleaned with PBW after use, stored dry, and well taken care of.

Some of the things I can ship, I'll let you know if I still have the box or not. I'm located at the southern tip of NJ, in Cape May county. I'm willing to drive to meet you if you're buying something, message me and we can work it out.


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