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Oh yeah, Leinenkugel's, drank lots of that stuff too. We had "furniture" made form stacked boxes. Return a couple cases of empties and it was enough for a new case of "free beer". Prices in WI for beer were so cheap back then.

I hadn't thought of it as a regional craft brewery but it would indeed have fir that description.
Leinies and Huber beer (was really good beer) had 16 oz long necks in returnable cases. We could return the case of bottles and get another case for $2.50 in the late 80s & early 90s. I sure miss those prices.
I recall having Goose Island on a work trip to Chicago in the mid 90's. I looked them up and they say they started in 1988. So they may be a candidate here. I do not recall what beer I had from them. Maybe someone from that area would remember what they were brewing back then and if it's still available today.

Rogue also came about in 1988 but I didn't know of them until much later and can't say what their first brews were.
Point is still around. And I believe it's the oldest/longest continuing running brewery in the state. Or something along those lines-heard it on a you tube video somewhere.

Still, not really a fan of their beers.
Great Lakes and North Coast both opened in 1988 as well but I'm not sure what the lineup was at the time or if you could get any of those beers today.
Sierra Nevada Stout was their first beer and still in production. Their porter is also still produced but I can’t find a production date. I would think it had to start in the 80’s

Edit- a little research and according to Beer and Brewing, the Pale Ale, Stout and Porter were the original three, so I think it’s safe to add the porter also
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Bayern Amber Lager. Brewed by Bayern Brewing in Missoula, MT since 1987 and still produced today.

Bayern is one of the few, true, Bavarian style breweries in the US. Both the owner and brewmaster are native Bavarians who were trained in German brewing methods before emigrating here. My favorite craft brewery.

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