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  1. eugles

    Confusion About Addons to a Brew Kettle

    Hey folks, first time poster here, but long time scavenger of great advice. I am in the process of doing a little bit of an upgrade to my brew kettle and related equipment. I currently own a 10 gallon brew kettle i bought from Amazon last year and decided to buy a weldless whirlpool arm from...
  2. thirstypanda

    Safale US-05 and Trub

    I've done 2 brews with this yeast, and it certainly is forgiving, however, it seems to leave an enormously large amount of trub which results in less than anticipated output. Is this just me? Is there a better alternative? Maybe I'm being too picky.
  3. IslandLizard

    Separating yeast slurry from trub through filtering

    This question came up in a recent thread related to reusing yeast, where a homebrewer tossed 2 oz of dry hops in his primary, wondering whether he could reuse the yeast as is or would be able to remove the hop pulp. The past 6 months I've been using a method to separate yeast slurry from the...
  4. skunkmeister

    Does trub/cold-break affect SG readings?

    I'm guessing because the trub/cold-break is not in solution then it should not affect the SG of the wort. Is that correct? If so, then does that mean that any proteins left in solution do contribute to the SG? Or are proteins so much lighter than sugars as to not be a factor? However, if...
  5. D

    First yeast wash, did I get mostly trub?

    Followed the directions from the Yeast Washing Illustrated thread, but I'm worried I got mostly trub. The batches I washed from were my 1st and 2nd all grain brews and there was a lot of trub in the fermenter. I had difficulty swirling the trub/yeast cake on the bottom to get all the slurry...
  6. smatson

    how to use a conical fermenter

    i am looking into getting a conical fermenter. i already know all of the pros and cons, i am just a little more curious how to use it. i have been trying to find some definite answers on this website, but haven't found a page just about how to use one. some of my questions are... 1. do i...
  7. I

    Yeast made a think mat out of trub

    I'm in the process of fermenting an AG batch and was a little impatient with my attempts at seperating the trub before siphoning to my primary... I chilled the wort with my newly made IC down to about 60 degF (just under 5 minutes) and then got a good whirlpool going with a spoon. I haven't...
  8. K

    Consistency while harvesting Yeast

    I just recently started fermenting in a conical fermenter. I am trying to collect some trub from the fermenters after about 4 days. The consistency is more like milk than cream, the temp is 68 and I have not cold crashed yet. Am I collecting to early? How long should I wait to collect, then...
  9. Layla

    washing yeast

    What I did was I poured off the suspended yeast, leaving the trub behind at least 6 times, does this look like there is anymore trub in it? I can take a better picture if need be.