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  1. Box

    Back at it!

    Hey everyone! After posting about my first try and receiving lots of useful help I decided to have another go at homemade refreshments! The first batch...well, as alot of people said it sort of turned out like a wet bread flavor or "plain" beer if it could be called that. This time I'm trying...
  2. kh54s10

    Ordered a Unibrau, anyone with tips for brewing with it?

    I Ordered my Unibrau yesterday. It looks very straight forward to brew with it. But does anyone that uses one have any tips that I might not have thought about? I ordered with with these options: Kettle lid to help get to boiling faster. ETC controller, it seemed simpler and just as good as...
  3. S

    What do you wish you knew on your first E-HERMS brew?

    It's a system with homemade controls (I've got a master electrician friend who says I will not blow up) and spike 30gal kettles. I'm planning a 15 gallon batch of Saison. I did wet testing yesterday and everything runs smoothly and no issues with temp control etc... my question is this: What...
  4. Claire

    Looking for recipes...

    Hey everyone! I'm just getting into cider making and am looking for some recipes. So far I have made a batch with an apple cider blend I bought from the store (which is about to be bottled) and a batch made with fresh pressed granny smith juice (which is just fermenting). I'm mainly...
  5. frenchoaktv

    TV Segment on an Extract Hefeweizen Home Brew

    Great segment on how to home brew a Hefeweizen from an extract. It provides a step-by-step approach to brewing from the initial boil to bottling and capping. For beginner home brewers, this is an EXCELLENT segment to watch as JC provides a great deal of expertise and delivers the...