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  1. A

    Small And Cheap Steps

    Like many, I started my brewing hobby using extract kits. I started when I hit the legal age (18 in the UK) and made it an annual tradition to brew a Christmas beer. I had an old jam making pot (about 7 pints), a fermenting bin and a pressure barrel, all of which were acquired off my dad. He...
  2. D

    All Grain Brewing Simplified Part 1 - Process

    All Grain Brewing Simplified Pt 1: Process It can be argued that moving to all grain brewing can be the best thing you can do for the quality of your beer (pre-flameout). This being due to even more creative freedom, freshness of ingredients, and is a more engaging hands on process. It can also...
  3. R

    Questions about all-grain using Mash and Boil

    Hello again, I'm about to acquire a Mash and Boil, and I'm pretty excited. I've never done an all-grain, only extract, and the M&B seems pretty user-friendly. After extensive reading (staying up till 3am several nights in a row), I've got some questions about achieving desired efficiency...
  4. N

    Overboiling and hop leavings

    Greetings! I just finished my second batch of beer. And it would seem I am repeating the mistakes I made the first time. I should add that I am doing one gallon recipes only for now. That is what my equipment will handle (possibly two gallons if I push it) and my stove can heat. And I want...
  5. jimmyjamesbob

    Blichmann AutoSparge - $50

    Only used once, like brand new. My 10gal mash tun is to small to use this with full volume mash. Selling for $50 shipped.
  6. Lilum

    Batch Sparge Mash vs. Triple Decoction?

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and new to homebrewing. Lemme give a little backstory first. Until 3 months ago, I was living in Germany as an au pair, which gave me an opportunity to try many different incredible beers. During my stay, my all time favorite was by far the Füchschen Alt, or Altbier...
  7. code3kid

    Should I "sparge" a full volume mash?

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! I brew in a Mash & Boil all in one system which I have modified by adding a pump for recirculation of my mash which greatly increased brewhouse efficiency. I typically brew 4 gallon batches so that I can ferment under pressure in a corny keg. For this reason, it is very...
  8. micraftbeer

    Data from Small Mash Efficiency Experiments

    I recently moved from a single vessel eBIAB set-up to a 2-vessel set-up with one kettle a standard Mash Tun (MT) with no heating element, and the other my Boil Kettle (BK) that I was using just for boiling. My efficiency numbers were coming in lower than I expected so I set up a small...
  9. I

    Pin style vs. threaded CIP balls?

    Hi all, I am in the market for a CIP ball, and am a little confused as to exactly why "pin style" connections are a thing. I can't find any information anywhere else online, so I'm hoping someone here can shed some light. For some context, here are examples of the two styles: Threaded...
  10. G

    Double mash full grain for 120 minutes?

    I came up with an idea to raise my efficiency a bit, using BIAB method. What if I mash for 60 minutes with regular grain/water ratio, then instead of sparging, empty the mash tun and refill with the same amount of water and mash out after another 60 minutes? Then squeeze the heck out of the bag...
  11. snarf7

    Questions on sparging & efficiency with recipes

    I've got a few questions on this, but let me start simple... I understand the basic principal behind sparging but I'm uncertain if I'm doing it correctly, or half-assed or not well at all. So until I get to that point... When you're reading a recipe and it doesn't explicitly say "sparge at 170...
  12. Iowa Brewer

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fermenter

    Hey all, Brewed an English Ale, today (Northern), for which I totally messed up my sparge calculation (to say math is not my strong point would be an understatement!). As the boil was going I thought the level looked a bit low, but I'm kinda new to this, being my 8th brew day, and there was no...
  13. snarf7

    Easy sparge for small batches

    I'm learning as I go so I typically brew many 1 and 2 gal batches rather than a single big one. Most of my brews have been partials but I did try one all-grain Witbier that turned out really really well through just dumb luck I think. I'd like to try some more all-grain recipes but i have...
  14. Iowa Brewer

    Sparged Too Hot: How Bad Is It???

    Hey all, Today I've been making an all grain Honey Double IPA from a recipe I found on BeerSmith. I think I've messed up in two ways. First I decided to batch sparge (it was listed as a single infusion, medium body). The Recipe called for a 10min mash out with 200F water, to mash out at 68F...
  15. B

    Grainfather Sparge Technique

    Hello Grainfather Users! I use a Grainfather sparge water heater fitted with a ball valve and a short length of silicon tubing for my sparge. I keep a constant trickle of water going through the mash tun but never have the 10mm or so of water that the Grainfather folks say they have on top. Do...
  16. W

    Help with BIAB recipe

    I am going to brew this recipe https://beerandbrewing.com/thresher-coffee-saison-recipe/ (also here https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/680127/thresher-coffee-saison ) but it is quite vague, on sparging especially with the second link not mentioning it at all. can anyone help me...
  17. Figgy15

    2 Vessel System Efficiency Issue

    Hello my fellow brewers!!!! Hoping for some guidance. I recently changed my brewing system and went with a single tier, 2 vessel (1 HLT/Boil with heating element, 1 Mash Tun, 1 pump) DIY electric system. It's very similar to the one used in this video: . In doing my research, I did see...
  18. R

    Batch Sparging. What's your efficiency?

    I have been brewing for a few years and now really trying to be as efficient and consistent in my brewing as possible. With that said, I do batch sparging by rinsing the grains once, and during the mash have my water way above my grain bed (I am now aware that I only want my water to be a couple...
  19. alexipas

    Delicious Wort stuck in kettle!?

    Hello fellow brewers. I am finishing up a batch right now, and like my previous all grain attempts, I cant seem to get all the wort out of my kettle and into my fermenter. a. because my screen gets plugged and b. there is tons and tons of sediment in the bottom of my kettle I used a worfloc at...
  20. kansasbrew

    Trouble understanding sparge temp and beersmith

    My last batch efficiency was poor. (only second AG batch) I then realized that I probably sparged at too low a temp. Somehow BS had me sparging at 168. Don't know how that happened. So, I am looking at the Adjust Mash Temp tool. I plug in 0 for water volume assuming I have drained the mlt...