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  1. SmokeyRydr

    super slow, but steady, fermentation. why?

    what could cause super slow & steady fermentation? after 9 days I dropped from 1.064 to only 1.030. it's not stuck, just slow. what are the typical causes for this?
  2. Bertramhage

    How to know when primary fermentation is over when speed is slow (Wild fermentation)

    I put over a batch of mead now a month ago with good quality local honey and added some raisins and prunes for nutrients. I’m doing a wild fermentation without any added yeasts or sulfites. It took a bit for fermentation to start but is now bubbling - however slowly. I’ve read from other sources...
  3. B

    Stuck or just Slow?

    I have a 3 gallon batch of melomel going at the moment with 71b OB honey pomegranate juice and blue berry juice. Starting gravity was 1.120 and temp has been 65f using a thermowell and inkbird to keep it accurate. I have followed TOSNA 3 for the nutrient additions as well with Ferm O and Fermaid...
  4. kansasbrew

    wort chiller flow direction

    This falls under the dumb question category. When hooking up an immersion type wort chiller does it matter if the water flows top of coil to bottom or from bottom up? Also, I saw a youtube video where a guy said that slowing the rate of flow actually cools better than having the water...