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  1. A

    Is my Scoby OK?

    I added it to the black tea and sugar5 days ago but this is the current state of the Scoby. Is it alright? Is it Yeast or mold? What IS that white membrane?
  2. Beat

    Stop Scoby forming after bottleing

    I do a first fermentation with Hibiskus Tea, and then a second fermentation fresh fruits. After this I‘m bottleing the Kombucha and cool it in the fridge. After some time there‘s a small Scoby back on the top. Thats normal I know, but my clients do not like this. Does anybody have an idea how...
  3. T

    Weird taste to my second batch

    Hey all! I am new to the kombucha scene, and I made my first batch successfully, however I seem to have messed something up on my second. After a 3-4 days, the batch was not ready, but after tasting it every so often, it didn't seem to taste very good. It's been about a week and my batch smells...
  4. S

    The Dreaded "..is it mold?" Question

    About a year ago I did my first 3 or 4 batches, then got away from it. Really want to get back into it and started my first 2 gallon batch over the weekend - it's been 5 days in 1F. Bought a SCOBY from a local independent tea shop, very thick 3/4" or so. Used a very strong black tea (Trader...
  5. mredge73

    Talk to me about Kombucha

    My mother's inner hippy came out at some point and she bought a $200 kombucha kit from KombuchaKamp last year. She had never had kombucha nor has she ever a sustained a hobby very long. She decided that she didn't like how it taste so I have been gifted an old SCOBY and a bunch of other stuff...
  6. T

    This looks weird!

    I am wondering what you think of the growth on the right? How does this look? What is it?? I'm new to kombucha and super excited to be part of this community.