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  1. Alan Reginato

    Saison Dry Yeast Clash! BE-134 X Belle Saison X M29 French Saison

    Hi everyone! I was researching some time ago about saison dry yeasts and many homebrewers swear that M29 is Belle Saison or BE-134 repackaged. So I give it a try, bought one package of each and put to test. A lot of discussion about it here: Dry yeasts identified - your opinions please! The...
  2. P

    Belgian IPA (almost)

    Or maybe an american saison... There is two years that I have the idea of this beer in my head. I recently drunk an french brut ipa from a local brewery. It was very french, but it was not really an ipa. I wish a beer dry and hoppy, with a smooth pepper and fruity aroma, eventully with a small...
  3. P

    my Saison has stalled at 1.030

    Did a saison and it's been 3 weeks and was fermenting fine until over a week it's been stalled at 1030. I used WYEAST 3724 and fermented at 80F. I'm worried about this since I need it soon so I pitched some US05. It's a 38 gallon batch OG around 1066. Need help. This seems common but does it...