Belgian IPA (almost)

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Nov 21, 2022
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Lyon (France)
Or maybe an american saison...

There is two years that I have the idea of this beer in my head.
I recently drunk an french brut ipa from a local brewery. It was very french, but it was not really an ipa.
I wish a beer dry and hoppy, with a smooth pepper and fruity aroma, eventully with a small resinous note.
I wish that still be balanced, with malt (honey, nutty and bready aroma) present, but less than hop and yeast note. I don't wish any sweetness end.

30% castle malting 2rs pils.
30% dingemans pale malt (this malt has an characteristic belgian aroma, is darker and a lot more intense than uk pale malt).
30% oganic flaked wheat.
10% weyermann munich 2.
Some rice hull
0.3 g/l irish moss.
Target og 1048. Targer abv 6.4%

55°C at 10 min.
63°C for 45 min.
68°C till the end of conversion.
76°C for 10 min.

1g/l aurora at flame out. (I love aurora, peppery and floreal without a lot of grassy and herbal, aurora works well with be134)
0.5g/l cryo sabro at flame out. (Fruity and fresh without a grapefruit dominance that doesn't fit with saison yeast aroma).
1g/l aurora at 15 min
0.5g/l cryo sabro at 15min.
Aurora as needed for 35 ibu at 60min.

0.6-0.7g/l of be-134.
Oxigenation with air for 15 min.
Be-135 will works at 20°C for 2 days, after 1°C more each day until 25°C.

What do you think about this recipe?
I've used Styrian Aurora with BE-134 yeast just recently and can confirm that it does work nicely together. There are other variables one should consider.