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  1. M

    Rhubarb flowers

    My rhubarb was flowering, so I removed the flowers. They have some rhubarb flavour and sourness, I think oxalic acid. Apparently they are a delicacy somewhere. I wondered about adding some to Cider. They are now waiting on the freezer. Has anyone tried this?
  2. braukorps

    Strawberry Rhubarb attempt - HELP!

    I am planning to make a strawberry rhubarb wine and beer. I ca find strawberry puree easily enough, but not rhubarb. I can find extract flavoring, and a concentrated fruit wine base from LD Carlson. I would prefer to have real puree, and not something mixed with corn syrup. Anyone know where I...
  3. F

    Rhubarb Beer(Ginger beer type)

    I want to make some ginger beer but because of my ginger allergy I decided to do a ginger beer with rhubarb. I have informed my self for the last couple of days and I can't find a recipe for it. 1. My first problem is how do I want to add the rhubarb, do I want a more wine type end product so...
  4. Trey Ark

    Rhubarb Wine, Yeast Problem

    Hey guys, Last night I created 4 one gallon brews. Pomegranate Wine, Strawberry Mead, Blackberry Mead, and Rhubarb Wine. I evenly split up the packet of yeast I had that states it could be used to pitch up to 6 gallons. I prepared the yeast in room temperature spring water and pitched the wine...
  5. motherofgallons

    Rhubarb Pie with Vanilla Sauce Small Melomel 7%

    I am still new to brewing but as an avid cook I cannot stop myself from jumping off the deep end and crafting recipes right from the start. I do have a couple questions sprinkled throughout. I was inspired by this recipe...
  6. R

    Rhubarb Berliner?

    I have a standard kettle-soured berliner recipe I use, but I've found it a bit too sour for my taste in the summer. Coincidentally I happen to have about 5kg/10lbs of rhubarb in my freezer I'd been saving for brewing and thought the two might make a good match. Does anyone have any advice or...
  7. major.noms

    Fruit Beer Strawberry Rhubarb American Wheat Beer

    40% Briess White Wheat Malt 50% Briess Pale Ale Malt 2-Row 5% Briess Victory Malt 5% Rice Hulls (although no gravity achieved from hulls) Mashed @ 154'F for 60 min; raised to 168'f to stop conversion; collected wort in kettle and began boil. .50 oz Belma @ 60 minutes (17.2 ibu) .50 oz Belma @...
  8. jaredwhite

    Need help with rhubarb wheat ale!

    I am making a wheat ale and plan to add rhubarb and cardamom. Here is my extract recipe: SG: 1.042-46 FG: 1.012-1.017 6 lbs. Wheat LME 8 oz. Carapils specialty grain .5 oz Hallertau hops for 60 min. .5 oz Hallertau hops for 2 min. White Labs California Ale Yeast WL001 Rhubarb in...