Rhubarb Wine, Yeast Problem

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Trey Ark

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Jun 7, 2019
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Hey guys,

Last night I created 4 one gallon brews. Pomegranate Wine, Strawberry Mead, Blackberry Mead, and Rhubarb Wine. I evenly split up the packet of yeast I had that states it could be used to pitch up to 6 gallons. I prepared the yeast in room temperature spring water and pitched the wine yeast when it was a mucky opaque white. Looked like the last times I pitched the same yeast and got great Yeast action. They are doing relatively good except for my Rhubarb wine. There is nothing happening, no foam or bubbles. I gave it yeast nutrient and a gravity that indicated approximately 10% abv. Wondering what your thoughts are on this

It could be a low live cell count. Like Blacksmith said... give it some time. If nothing happens... repitch.

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