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  1. H

    Silicon Tubing Oxygenation During Racking

    Hey All: I have been using a 6 foot 3/8" ID silicon tube to close transfer beer from a stainless steel Brewbucket to a CO2 purged keg - for sanitation I boil it prior to using which is why I like it. I know that silicone tubing is notorious for oxygen permeability, but given the short time the...
  2. T

    Help for new brewer please!!! (Wheat beer)

    Before I start, I am very new to this. This is my 3rd ever brew, 1st being without a kit... So I've just started my latest brew - 1.8kg of Wilko limited edition Wheat Beer extract, 1kg brewing sugar, 500g light DME, 20 litres of water. Regular temp between 19-20C. OG was 1.046 and its been...
  3. S

    First time with 55 gal barrel fermenter

    My neighbor and I got access to a press this year so decided to step up our game from 5-gallon carboys to a 55-gallon plastic barrel (plus a few carboys on the side). Any tips or landmines I should watch out for? My first concern is whether to rack. Previously I've racked the cider off the...
  4. J

    Will finings affect bottle carbonation?

    Hi, I’m currently planning to brew a European lager. I will be adding finings at the end of the boil but I was also considering adding finings at the end of the fermentation prior to racking. I was hoping this would achieve a clearer end product. I am worried that the finings added at the...
  5. T

    First racking

    Hi all! I started the fermentation on December 23rd with 1.060 sg. Now I'm around 1.030 and the fermentation speed is around 114 FSU. Based on the jolicoeur's book maybe I should wait until 1.020 sg but in another section of the same book he wrote that an early first racking could be done...
  6. Sinisterdeer

    Racking time

    Okay I am having the darndest time figuring out my racking cane and how to get the siphon going.. I do not want to use my mouth if I dont have to. Any suggestions so that I dont risk contamination. Thank you!
  7. DanInSydney

    Should I rack my ale?

    I’m brewing an all grain Belgian Tripel. BIAB method. Hit my target SG, smells awesome & solid fermentation. It’s been in the fermenter for a week and plan to leave it there for one more to finish off. It’s very dense looking, completely opaque. It’s not really starting to clear and don’t...
  8. M

    Yeast Rinsing The "Better Bottle" Way

    Yeast rinsing has been covered countless times inpodcasts, YouTube videos, and a number of websites. I have been rinsing yeast with very good success for several years. I seem to follow the same practices as shown in all of the above outlets. Over the last year, I have started to switch out my...
  9. M

    Yeast Rinsing The "Better Bottle" Way

    Yeast rinsing has been covered countless times inpodcasts, YouTube videos, and a number of websites. I have been rinsing yeast with very good success for several years. I seem to follow the same practices as shown in all of the above outlets. Over the last year, I have started to switch out my...
  10. R

    So I took my sample today, and I would like some advice (first timer here)

    So I took the sample on my first mead today. Ive made some very crude recipes in the past but nothing with hydrometers or racking or any of that. This is my first proper attempt and I have been making a wild berry and treacle mead. It's stopped all air bubbles in the airlock, it's darkened...
  11. Ben E Lou

    Wild Yeast Cider Racking Questions

    I am new to homebrewing and have 3 half-gallon batches going. I have one half-gallon of cyser that I started yesterday. It already has about 3/8 inch of lees on the bottom rim (there's a bit of a slope, so I'm not sure it's that thick all the way across). I have an airlock on it and it doesn't...
  12. Julian Høstan Urrea

    Anybody tried making wine under pressure.?

    Hi. I have been toying with the idea of making wine under pressure in my fermentsaurus. Why? You ask. Well because I've had great result on making beer this way, and the extra heat speeds up the process. The pressure allows me to ferment at higher temps without the biproducts from the yeast...
  13. MaxTheSpy

    Secondary Fermentation Mead

    I've noticed that When I rack from primary into secondary (same size container as the first) I gain headroom because I leave out the sediment on the bottom, Headroom in secondary isn't good from what I hear so is there anything that I can do to take up that room? Could I fill it with a gas of...
  14. V

    Help! Can I Wait To Force Carb

    I just racked my beer and was planning to force carb it but the CO2 cartridges I ordered are the wrong fit for the regulator. Am I ok to put the serving keg in the fridge and rack it tomorrow (or in a few days) as soon as I can get the right cartridge? This is my first time dealing with kegs so...
  15. B

    How to reduce rack loss?

    This has come to my mind as I am planning a blueberry melomel in the near future, but I've encountered this problem before. I have been unfortunate in not managing this problem well because I didn't have the foresight to see it until it was there :/ I have a peach melomel that cloged the heck...
  16. O

    Does this look okay? No bacteria issue?

    Opened my stout in order to rack to secondary with bourbon/cacao nibs, and it has some of this white stuff on top. I'm generally not worried, but just want to make sure. Has an alcohol smell to it, more than a beer smell. Edit: took FG reading and it's at 5.25%ABV, so fermentation went well.
  17. exaideum

    Racking after fermentation to priming question.

    So, slightly confused. I know I'm supposed to rack my beer from the fermenter to the bottling bucket after putting the priming sugar mixture in the bucket. But, couldn't I just rack the beer into a large pot that I mix the priming mixture into (after the liquid has cooled of course)? What's...
  18. S

    Easy oxygen free racking (I hope)

    First time poster, long time lurker. I am pretty much a noob to beer brewing, with only 1 finished batch and 2 on the way, but I have a lot of experience with planted aquariums, fish breeding and gourmet mushroom growing. These hobbies are a lot more similar than most people think...
  19. B

    Racking to Secondary - Timing and Tips

    Hey all, My first post to this forum resulted in a couple really helpful answers, so I'm going to just go ahead and ask my next question. I'm in the midst of the primary stage of a draft beer (Brewers Spring Draft Lager), which seems to be going well enough. I had a bit of a muck-up where...
  20. FenoMeno

    Racking arm for Minibrew 15 conical

    As the conical has only a racking port, has anyone tried using a racking arm from another manufacturer? Or with that in mind, any thoughts on whether it is really neccesary... Just hate seeing that extra gallon going to waste.