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  1. GoeHaarden

    Sold Plaato Keg System - Bundle of 3

    I recently built a new kegerator, and these just didn't fit the way I wanted. It's a cool system and its easy to use. Used but in excellent condition. $200 OBO + shipping. Paypal friends and family
  2. J2W2

    Advice on using Plaato Keg Scales

    Hi, Sorry, this is a bit long and rambling, but I'm trying to record my experience so far, and see if anyone already using the scales has any advice, pointers, etc. I recently picked up some of the Plaato Keg Scales for my five keg keezer. The headspace in my keezer is very tight, and I was...
  3. L

    What is fermenting there?

    I have been brewing beer for many years now and have had some experiences with ciders but mostly from kits. I have plaato digital airlock that works well with beers ( it is a device that measures bubbles to provide feedback of SG and ABV through an app). Yesterday I thought I'd try what I...
  4. J

    Fermentation Pressure Monitors, what are they good for?

    I'm trying to understand my picoFerms... so far I only get two pieces of information from them: Is the yeast too warm or too cool? There is 'some pressure', so fermentation has started. I'd be curious what others can read from a picoFerm chart? Is there a way to guesstimate Specific Gravity...
  5. micraftbeer

    Plaato Digital Airlock Hands on Review

    So I got a couple Plaato digital airlocks from Plaato a couple months back to do a hands-on trial/review. I did a bit of research on the science behind what they're doing and on a chemistry basis, it's solid. I ran into a number of application constraints for my fermentation equipment. If...
  6. pshankstar

    Plaato Airlock Discussion

    I figured I would start a thread on the Plaato Airlock. I was one of the very early backers of this project. I was curious to get my hands on something that I could tinker with and incorporate into my brewing hobby. I figured this thread would serve a good place for users of the Plaato...