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  1. FloppyKnockers

    Simple DIY Keg Management

    I've been in search of a keg management system for a while now. Until recently, I've been using the method of when you pull the handle and beer comes out, that means there's still beer in the keg. When no beer comes out, the keg is empty. Although they would probably be the most accurate, I...
  2. GoeHaarden

    Sold Plaato Keg System - Bundle of 3

    I recently built a new kegerator, and these just didn't fit the way I wanted. It's a cool system and its easy to use. Used but in excellent condition. $200 OBO + shipping. Paypal friends and family
  3. J2W2

    Advice on using Plaato Keg Scales

    Hi, Sorry, this is a bit long and rambling, but I'm trying to record my experience so far, and see if anyone already using the scales has any advice, pointers, etc. I recently picked up some of the Plaato Keg Scales for my five keg keezer. The headspace in my keezer is very tight, and I was...
  4. L

    What is fermenting there?

    I have been brewing beer for many years now and have had some experiences with ciders but mostly from kits. I have plaato digital airlock that works well with beers ( it is a device that measures bubbles to provide feedback of SG and ABV through an app). Yesterday I thought I'd try what I...
  5. J

    Fermentation Pressure Monitors, what are they good for?

    I'm trying to understand my picoFerms... so far I only get two pieces of information from them: Is the yeast too warm or too cool? There is 'some pressure', so fermentation has started. I'd be curious what others can read from a picoFerm chart? Is there a way to guesstimate Specific Gravity...
  6. micraftbeer

    Plaato Digital Airlock Hands on Review

    So I got a couple Plaato digital airlocks from Plaato a couple months back to do a hands-on trial/review. I did a bit of research on the science behind what they're doing and on a chemistry basis, it's solid. I ran into a number of application constraints for my fermentation equipment. If...
  7. pshankstar

    Plaato Airlock Discussion

    I figured I would start a thread on the Plaato Airlock. I was one of the very early backers of this project. I was curious to get my hands on something that I could tinker with and incorporate into my brewing hobby. I figured this thread would serve a good place for users of the Plaato...