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Jun 29, 2015
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I figured I would start a thread on the Plaato Airlock. I was one of the very early backers of this project. I was curious to get my hands on something that I could tinker with and incorporate into my brewing hobby. I figured this thread would serve a good place for users of the Plaato Airlock who are members of HBT to talk, ask questions, voice any concerns, etc. For it appears the creators of the Plaato Airlock only have a Facebook page/community going but not everyone is one Facebook (like myself). I hope the Plaato team (@PLAATO) will monitor this thread and chime in here and there too, for I know they are members on HBT.

So I'll start this one off. I am now on my third batch using the Plaato airlock, brewed a small 3 gallon Resilience IPA. This time it appears the app will not update properly after I enter in the starting gravity and start a new batch. I have restarted the app and verified there are no new updates for the app at this time through the app store (iOS). My phone is on the latest version of iOS (12.1.1).

My second batch was used on an American Barleywine. I was able to email Plaato with my concerns of how off the airlock measurements were and the person responded agreed they were way off. They asked for a video of the airlock activity, but after sitting for two weeks the activity had really slowed down. I sent a video from the new batch (listed above) to show them that at least.

Anyhow, I emailed them yesterday with these screenshots, the video and other information. I have not yet heard back from the Plaato team, but I am confident I will hear from them soon. I hope this thread is a place where people here who have one can comment, ask questions, share info, etc. but also @PLAATO watches it and responds occasionally too. Fingers crossed.
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