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  1. johnbr

    Pico Brew Zymatic For Sale - Needs Repair - $450 or Best Offer

    This Zymatic has been brewed on one time. My asking price is $450 but will entertain best offers. Last week I tried to do a second brew and have been repeatedly getting error #1 code. I bought the Zymatic new in this forum in November 2018 on this thread: Minnesota - PicoBrew Zymatic - new...
  2. HardyFool

    So I brewed a shot of beer

    Hello fellow beer-makers, Some of you may have seen this post I made back in July chronicling the brewing of a quart of beer. This did really happen, and the beer was perfectly adequate, but upon telling my brother of my triumphant micro exploits, he responded with a sigh, a roll of the eyes...
  3. J

    New York Pico C Machine For Sale - $100

    For sale is the PicoBrew-C appliance and StepFilter only. No kegs or accessories are included. The reason I’m selling is I simply wound up with two appliances. This machine works well and is practically brand new. Photo of actual unit for sale brewing beer last week: Asking $100 OBO plus...
  4. K

    Michigan Picobrew Zymatic for Sale - Automated brewing appliance $700

    I'm selling my much loved Picobrew Zymatic. This is the best appliance out there for true hands-off and repeatable brews. Never miss a temperature zone or hop addition time again! The device has been used and well cared for. This appliance will automate the wort making process of brewing and I...
  5. allthingsgiant

    PicoBrew Zymatic - complete system for sale in Seattle $1000

    Used exactly three times (might have some sawdust on it) - I stopped drinking beer (every day, oops), so my wife is now asking me to make room for my other hobbies :) Perfect condition, has all the original pieces, instruction manual, and even some of the cleaning tablets and anti-foam. $1000
  6. C

    Illinois PicoBrew Zymatic For Sale

    Hello, I am selling my PicoBrew Zymatic. I've purchased it new in January 2017, and now that I have a couple other systems to brew on it is seeing less and less action. About a year ago PicoBrew replaced both pumps with a new more reliable versions (according to PicoBrew) and have not had any...
  7. M

    found pico for sale $200. Good price?

    Is this a good price: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/app/d/picobrew-pico-homebrew/6624516622.html Thanks
  8. D

    Why did you choose the automated system you have?

    I started out with the ubiquitous 5 gal bucket and extract. I never really progressed beyond that due to not being able to make the time to properly learn about brewing. Then health problems led me to make the medical leap that brewing beer could save my life! Everyone knows that beer is the...