Why did you choose the automated system you have?

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Dilbert Fizzwinkle

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Feb 10, 2018
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I started out with the ubiquitous 5 gal bucket and extract. I never really progressed beyond that due to not being able to make the time to properly learn about brewing.
Then health problems led me to make the medical leap that brewing beer could save my life!
Everyone knows that beer is the elixir of the Gods, right?
If its good enough for the Gods...!
I saw the Pico system and was intrigued. A little research (not much out there!) and an Amazon search and I ordered the Pico S new in an unopened box.
I have a Dead Guy fermenting in the keg (THAT just sounds wrong!).
I have since ordered two more serving kegs and one more brewing keg.
I also found a bonus in the box. Since this was sold by Sams Club, there was a $100 gift card for PicoPaks.
I have a butt load of PicoPaks coming, so my summers brewing is already off to a pretty good start.
But it all boiled down to wanting to make beer without the fuss.
Thats just plain sad. I think I'll have a beer. That should cheer me right up!
Because I aint gonna stand there all day brewing it! - joking!
- on a serious note; I've always liked automation. Set and forget would be nice. Focus on the recipe instead of the cooking part. Everybody has their perks though, so everyone likes different stuff.
I choose my Pico C because this was my first foray into brewing. My space was limited and I was not sure if this would stick. I have only brewed 1 pack so far and it came out pretty good. Trying my second pack as we speak.
I am on my third so far and not a single problem beyond my misinterpretation of the racking instructions.
This brew is a freestyle concoction of mine I call Skyway Sunset.
I went with picobrew zymatic. I had previously started as most, stove top extract. Eventually worked my way up to 10 gallon all grain, cooler mash tun etc. this was before kids. The zymatics appeal was automation, eaze of cleaning, ability to walk away and play with the family. And after bed time. A quick clean up toss in the dishwasher. No regrets so far. Hoping to brew more frequently now as the kids are slightly older and still have a nice and early 7pm bed time. Zymatic is nice to in that you can start batches at 3am if desired and clean up at breakfast time. (Double brew sessions??) smaller batch sizes aren’t bad I have been doing 3-3.5 gallon batches.
I wanted a Zymatic since they announced it, but couldn't justify the $2k spend to get started into homebrewing. My wife spotted the original Pico (later renamed the Pico S) on clearance at Sam's Club for $338 back in October. Since then I've brewed 15 Paks and absolutely love it.

When they announced the Z, I jumped in on the Z1 within the first week, and then had them change my order to a Z2 the following week. Now that I know how much I enjoy the process, I have no problem spending the money. Really looking forward to it.