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  1. F

    Sous Vide Pasteurization??

    I'm fairly new to this whole cider making process (And enjoying it so much!) and wanted to make my first batch of sweetened carbed cider. I wanted to know if anybody has pasteurized their bottles in a sous vide instead of a stovetop? Thanks!
  2. K

    Pasteurizing Before Kegging

    How can I make sure all of the yeast in my homebrew is dead? My idea is to boil the beer in the kettle after two weeks of fermentation, let it cool, then keg and carbonate with CO2. Will this work? Will it ruin the beer?
  3. K

    Complicated problem for pasteurization

    So I'm finishing my set up and I am installing 2 rectangular stainless steel tanks (filled with water) attached with coils to preheat and then pasteurize my semi-sweet cider bottles. The first tank will be at around 45 degrees Celsius and the second one at around 75C. Calculating the PUs onces...
  4. Bryan312

    Mead advice!

    Hey all long time reader first time posting, I’ve been making wine and beer for about 3 years now and spirits for about 2 and I e been a chef for 13 years. I just got a hold of 10kilos of pasturized honey for free from the restaurant and thought I would try to make mead. However I’m not sure...
  5. Yacov327

    Fruit Pasteurization

    There are a lot of old threads on this but I didn't really want to revive a dead one so here it is. Lots of debate on this topic I know. It seems to be though that if you are wanting to pasteurize your own fruit puree, the most widely accepted way to do it is with campden tablets. Recently I...