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  1. InspectorJon

    Light or Lite hoppy beer recipe process

    I want to make something like Lagunitas DayTime, a low carb, low calorie beer. They did an interesting write up on DayTime and the lite beer concept, Beer 101: Low Carb IPA. I do not necessarily want to clone this beer but want to learn how to make something like it. @shoreman started a thread...
  2. B

    Adding roasted grain post-fermentation

    I tried to do a late-mash-addition with my roasted barley and chocolate malt in my oatmeal stout. It definitely ended up too light. Can I steep some of each of those grains in warm water, boil down to a fairly negligible volume, and then just add to my keg? Thanks
  3. Gabriel Chevalier

    Brewing with Coffee

    I read up a bit on the many forms of brewing with coffee e.g. stouts, porters, cream ales, even IPAs. But I'd like to ask what techniques, ingredients, etc. you all would think is best if I'm trying to capture the most natural coffee flavors. I can think of brewing something using very lightly...
  4. J

    So what do you guys/girls think of this recipe?

    3 gallon batch ---- LB--- OZ 89%--2----8-----Briess Pilsen Light DME 9%---0----4-----Caramel/Crystal Malt - 10L 2%---0----1-----Wheat, Torrified boil 30 mins 0.75 Czech Saaz leaf 3.6 boil 15 mins 0.50 Czech Saaz leaf 3.6 boil 5. mins 0.50 Czech Saaz leaf 3.6 OG 1.040 FG 1.011...