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  1. D

    Japan - Corny Kegs for sale

    I have a bunch of 19L stainless steel Corny kegs with ball lock valves for sale. All are in excellent condition. Used but well looked after and very clean. I can sell and courier to anywhere in Japan for 10,000 yen per keg.
  2. G

    HERMS Project.

    Will accept a fair offer only. Kegs are in great condition, 2 high polished as you can see. All keges have the required openings. includes 9 (3-Piece)valves and the non welding kit (all stainless steel) , also the kit to polish the 3rd keg. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. $650 Thanx for...
  3. dragonspeedster

    Brewing Equipment Sell-Off Part 2 - Brutus 10 System too !

    As promised here is some more items.... reasonable offers considered for each item or buy it all 8 Ball Locks kegs $ 45 each 5 Pin lock kegs $ 35 each 2 - 13 gallon fermenters $ 35 each 3 - 5 gallon glass carboys $ 20 each 1 - Submersion wort chiller $ 20 2 - Perlick Dual Gas...
  4. C

    6 used 5 gallon soda-style kegs: $200 OBO

    Have six 5 gallon soda style kegs. Not brewing any longer & my old brewing buddy is not interested in brewing or the equipment, so these have got to go. Dusty. Plan on cleaning them. Will throw in extra "o" rings I have (for the in-out fittings) & a few for the lids. The colored "spots" on...
  5. Ckalnasy

    Chris' Home Bar Build

    Hey guys, new to the forum and I figure I would share my bar build for the new house my wife and I bought end of last year. The basement had a pretty large rec room (close to 30x30) with a bar already in it. Plan was to update the bar, flooring, and new paint. We still have yet to paint the...
  6. B

    California Kegerator for Sale - Los Angeles

    3 Tap Kegerator for sale. Fridge is a Roper that I've had about 6 years and has always operated just fine. Top is painted with chalkboard paint. It doesn't look cosmetically beautiful but with a little TLC it'll look great. I just pressure washed the whole interior. It has three taps with a...
  7. ClutchDude

    Selling 5 Gallon Soda Kegs with Sanke Coupling Welded On

    I bought 8 of them back in April 2008 and have enjoyed them many times over the last few years. These are "converted" sanke coupling 5 gallon corny kegs that I bought off the forum almost 10 years ago! The top is a welded soda lid and coupler with a custom cut spear for the keg. You can see...
  8. Nebraskan

    Longer beer hose , less foam??

    I have read on Amazon and others sites that longer hose for the beer (not gas) gives less foam in the beer. True or not true? If true, what is an optimum length of hose for my picnic tap from my 3 gallon kegs?
  9. Steelers77

    New single handle 3 and 5 gallon kegs $74.99 - Farmhouse Brewing Supply

    Limited time. Brand new AMCYL 3 and 5 gallon single handle kegs are available at Farmhouse. Come and get some! Cheers, John
  10. V

    Decorating Corneys

    Has anyone Decorated/stamped/painted your corneys? I've got several now, and it'd be handy to be able to discern them from each other, as well as show ownership. I'm looking for ideas! n8
  11. H

    Corny kegs with loose tops/bottoms. Worth the buy?

    I recently saw a deal on keggle brewing for 4 used corny kegs, some with loose rubber tops or bottoms. Will this affect anything other than carrying them? Do you think it would be worth the buy? It's only 75$ for 4. Lemme know what you think. -Hefe
  12. nkacree

    NEED: 2.5/3 Gal Corny Kegs

    I am looking to purchase a few smaller kegs so I can have the best of both worlds (bottles and kegs) for each batch I brew. Anyone out there have any smaller corny kegs for sale??? Thanks, NA :mug:
  13. SweetSounds

    Keezer/Freezer/Kegerator Inside Dimension Database

    When I was looking for a chest freezer for my keezer build, I had the same questions as everyone else: "How many kegs can I fit in there?". While the The "Sizing your Chest Freezer for Corny Kegs" was greatly helpful, it didn't answer the question, because a lot of posts reply "I've got 4...
  14. ClutchDude

    Installing retaining ring on Sanke Keg

    So after getting a bunch of sanke/sankey/sanky-modified soda kegs, I set out cleaning diligently. Reassembling them, I chose to use the spiral rings that were on the kegs. For the o-ring on the spear to compress completely, either a industry standard spiral retaining ring needs to be...