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  1. I

    New to kegging. What size CO2 cylinder should I get?

    As the title states, I am just buying up ball lock corny kegs in my area. I've got two of them and all the gaskets are fantastic and they hold pressure. I bought a set of gaskets to replace them if they didn't. I have a 5 gal. fermenter on deck that'll be ready to keg in a couple of days and...
  2. T

    The Pros and Cons of 5L Kegs

    Five liter kegs have been used for a long time. You can get them empty for you to fill with your homebrewed beer, cider, or soda. Or, you can buy them filled with beer and reuse the container after you drink the beer. They hold 1.3 gallons of beer, or 169 ounces. That’s equal to 10 pints or 14...
  3. Holy_Grail_Reference

    2.5 Gallon ball lock kegs

    In Orlando, Florida. Really want a local pickup (say anywhere between Tampa to Jax). Let me know if you are selling because I am buying.
  4. Fishin-Jay

    Wisconsin Selling it all, and there's a lot! (Part 1)

    After 15 years of brewing, due to health reasons I've got to sell - and I have a lot to sell! I'll keep this page updated. If it's still listed, it's still for sale. Spend at least $100 and you can rifle through my miscellaneous box of valves, books, clamps, hoses, etc. and take as much of it...
  5. T

    Dry Hopping Cylinder Busted into Keg

    I am trying to see what's the best way to get my beer out the tank. Briefly, I keg and when I dry hop i use a stainless still mesh cylinder to put my dryhops. Did this for a long time and all works great however I think in this particular keg the cap came out and the dry hope blocks the in...
  6. G

    5 and 2.5 gallon Kegs - Excellent Condition - Price Reduction!

    Used Keg Liquidation. They are all in excellent Condition. 11 - 5gal - $50 reduced from $60 each 2 - 5gal with shortened dip tube for dry hopping - $40 Reduced from $50 1 5gal missing dip tube - $35 reduced from $40 3 - 3gal - SOLD! $55 each 2- 2.5gal - $45 reduced from $50 each I have...
  7. G

    Homebrewery Clearout - ALL PRICES REDUCED

    2 - Brewers Hardware 15 Gal Kettle with Quick Clean Valves -$70ea down from $80 ea (paid $175) - Brand new BIAB bags can be included if interested. 2- Stainless Brewing Hop Baskets - $30ea down from $40 ea (paid $90) 3- steel head pumps - $30ea down from $40 ea 1 -3 Roller Crankdenstein grain...
  8. G

    Price Reduction - Ball Lock Kegs -Excellent Condition

    Used Keg Liquidation. They are all in excellent Condition. 11 - 5gal - $60 each 2 - 5gal with shortened dip tube for dry hopping - $50 1 5gal missing dip tube - $40 3 - 3gal - $55 each 2- 2.5gal - $50 each I have replacement O rings for all of them, though they don't need them yet. I'm in...
  9. G

    Like New Ball Lock Kegs

    I have new o rings I will include for all of these, though they don't need them yet. 11 5gal - $70 each 3 - 3gal - $65 each 2 - 2.5gal - $60 each I live in San Clemente CA. Must pick them up.
  10. jamorgan3777

    Strange white powder on inside and outside of CO2 lines

    Hello all! Been a long time since I posted anything. Have not really been active in the homebrew scene for a while, but getting ready to get back on the horse (or induction burner rather). While going through and reorganizing my brewery, I wanted to do an overhaul of my keezer. When I popped...
  11. N

    Ohio 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg, Fastferment, 6.5 gallon glass carboys, and 5 gallon glass carboys

    Looking to get rid of some of my fermenting equipment I no longer have need for. Selling three 5 gallon ball lock kegs ($50 each), one 7.9 gallon fasterment with accessories (Thermometer, FastFerment Strap, FastFerment 3-Piece Stand, Fermentation jacket) $65 , two 6.5 gallon glass carboys $25...
  12. M

    Florida selling everything homebrew - entire set up all grain

    After 10 years i am giving up home brewing. Have loads of items in great shape. Local pick up only in safety harbor. Would prefer to sell the whole lot for $999 obo. See attach d pdf.
  13. BG Brewster

    Great price on Used Ball Lock Kegs

    I found a really good price on used ball lock kegs at beveragelements They're probably beat to sh*t but for $37.50/keg I haven't found a...
  14. BitterSweetBrews

    I made a Keg / Carboy washer out of a utility pump.

    I had a 1/4 hp utility pump lying around. I bought it in December when I had water in my basement while I was waiting 6 weeks for the waterproofers to put drain tile and a sump pump in. Since I hope to never use it again as a water mitigator I decided to re-purpose it into a Keg washer. It...
  15. J

    Mississippi Sankey kegs - lightly used

    I'm not sure if there is a demand here for these or not, but I have some very lightly used (some of them have been filled once) standard sankey kegs I am looking to sell. They are embossed and have a thin decal wrap around them. I am asking $50 each for them, but I would be happy to give a...
  16. ultrashock

    Transferring from fermentation kegs to serving kegs

    Hello, I have a question regarding transferring from fermentation kegs to serving kegs. Is it possible without cutting the long tube to avoid collecting the sediment? Usually I'm fermenting in 2 corny kegs and then transfer to another 2 corny kegs with auto siphon, but currently it is broken...
  17. N

    Texas 4 tap keezer - peklick taps

    I'm reluctantly selling my 4 tap homebrew keezer and 4 corny kegs to make some room in our garage. Includes everything you would need to use it this weekend: - 4 perlick, forward sealing brass taps - all gas and liquid hoses - all keg connections (pin lock and 1 ball lock I think is in there) -...
  18. B

    North Carolina Gas Herms / Brutus 15 / kegs

    I haven't brewed in a few years, and I need to clean out the garage. Price is rock bottom. The main piece in the picture is a Brutus 15 "like" system (minus solenoids). I had the cart professionally built and has dual 10" banjo burners controlled by individual regulators (red handles). The two...
  19. J


    I recently went to Köln, and I really liked the small kegs they use to serve Kölsch. The pittermännchen (sometimes called party kegs, party Fass, party barrels, Kölsch Fass, etc) typically come in 10-30 liter sizes. I would really like to have a 10L one, but they're extremely difficult to...
  20. D

    Ball Lock Kegs

    Eleven ball lock kegs available. These kegs will likely need to be refurbished with gaskets and poppets. Pick up in Napa, CA. $25 each.