North Carolina Gas Herms / Brutus 15 / kegs

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Feb 14, 2014
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I haven't brewed in a few years, and I need to clean out the garage. Price is rock bottom. The main piece in the picture is a Brutus 15 "like" system (minus solenoids). I had the cart professionally built and has dual 10" banjo burners controlled by individual regulators (red handles). The two connections you see bottom middle is a March pump (input/output). HLT has sight glass and 50' of 1/2" copper coil converting it to a recirculating system by use of the march pump. Mash tun has SS false bottom. Boil kettle has sight glass, pickup spout, and whirlpool ports and SS hop spider with basket. All kettles come with 3/4" SS valves with camlock quick disconnects and silicone hoses. I have brewed many many beers on this system and it works great. (I have about $2000 in the system. At $800 you are getting a steal!)

In the picture also are 5 corney style kegs in good condition. I originally purchased used. (These are sold)

There are three 15g half kegs i got from a junk yard several years ago. i was going to make a grill out of one but never got around to it. $75 ea.

Also there is a 5g glass carboy. $15

If you are interested in something pm me and we can work out a price. I live near Charlotte NC. You pick it up if you want it