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  1. TheBeerGuy

    Keezer Tap Towers

    I was a firefighter and EMT on a volunteer service for 18 years. While I have not been for many years now, I still feel connected to everyone who is still helping our communities. I was able to obtain a few of these old fire extinguishers and decided to put them to good use over just sitting on...
  2. teesherv

    Sold Ferment chamber / prekeezer

    7 cubic foot ferment chamber with Inkbird controller (both heat and cool), small reptile heat pad, and usb fan. Pics show kegs for size - they don’t come with this sale. Works well. Depending on your fermenters, I had 3 batches at a time going. This started life as a keezer - add a wood collar...
  3. NoSleeves313

    Hello from Detroit!

    Hey, all. Just a quick hello. Been at it a couple of years now. Started in August 2019. Mostly Meads and Ciders. Good timing considering how much 2020 was spent at home. Lucky for me the missus got into too and it’s been a great hobby for us to do together. Anyway, glad to be here. Seems like...
  4. T

    Looking for a temperature probe collar pass through solution

    I'm planning a keezer collar and I wanted to know if anyone has come across any more elegant solutions to running the temperature probe through the collar than just drilling a hole or just running under the gasket. I will be attempting to ferment and serve in the same keezer so I plan on...
  5. D

    Using KOMOS Cobra Draft Tower for Keezer Project

    Hello Homebrew friends, I recently aquired a 5cu ft Arctic King chest freezer and wanted to conver this into a keezer with a tower. I am interested in a Milano/Snake type Draft Tower design. Currently eyeing the KOMOS Cobra Dual Tap tower (KOMOS® Cobra Draft Tower - Dual Tap | MoreBeer) Has...
  6. S

    2021 Midea 7.0 Cu Ft chest freezer

    My Keezer took a dump so I was in the market for a new one recently. I came across the Midea 7.0 Cu Ft at Costco for $169.99 so I bought it. This freezer can fit my 4 5 gallon corney kegs. It can also fit a kegmenter with 1 maybe 2 kegs. Im making a 2x8 collar so I can put an additional keg on...
  7. marlinmatt

    For Sale Kegerator setup

    All the hardware for converting you garage fridge to a two corny kegerator! Only lacking a regulator, (see my other listings for options!) Chalkboards for jotting down what's on tap, two handmade handles to replace the ugly ones on that old fridge, a drip tray with drain, extra coupler for a...
  8. P

    Trap Door Keezer

    My first thread, apologies if formats or pics get messed up. Here is my version of a trap door or split door keezer. Background: I went through a couple design iterations starting with the standard coffin keezer and keezer collar designs, but they didnt fit what I wanted/needed. I dont want...
  9. AntDoctor

    Keezer cycling question

    I know this seems to get brought up all the time, but I'm worried my homemade keezer is cycling too often. I think it's a 5 or 7 cu ft freezer, without any external modifications (I just ran two wires in under the lid and gasket). I'm using a temperature probe that's hanging and measuring the...
  10. C

    Finding a Chest Freezer

    My gf has very kindly offered to cover the cost of building a keezer as a birthday present! Very exciting and a great late-quarantine activity. As we started looking into chest freezers, though, we had a really tough time finding any that were actually in stock. We’re looking for a black freezer...
  11. G

    Commercial Conversion

    I picked up a Glastender 60" Back Bar Cooler on Wheels, Model BB60-L6-BSH(LL), 115V at a local auction site for $225. The initial plan was to put it in my utility room behind the basement bar and run taps through the wall. This is still possible, though this thing is HEAVY and the idea of...
  12. Q

    Brainstorming for a keezer build, looking for ideas/recommendations, etc

    So, a few months back, I was musing on how I would get a chest freezer into our basement, because I didn't want to put it in the garage - it's detached. The wife suggested putting it on our enclosed three season patio (last owner bricked it over, walled and roofed it, and put windows all around...
  13. M

    So You Want to Build A Keezer

    It’s time; your brewing has advanced to kegging beer, and you need a way to chill and dispense those kegs. You have some options, including making a kegerator out of a small refrigerator or a larger kegerator from an upright refrigerator, or...a keezer. A keezer (kegerator/freezer) is usually a...
  14. J

    The "Greatest Hits" Keezer Build

    Here's my version of a Keezer. Before starting the build I spent several weeks sifting through all the various keezer build write-ups here and elsewhere on the the web and selected the features that made the most sense to me. A couple of things I've put my own spin on but you won't see anything...