Using KOMOS Cobra Draft Tower for Keezer Project

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Jul 27, 2021
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Hello Homebrew friends,
I recently aquired a 5cu ft Arctic King chest freezer and wanted to conver this into a keezer with a tower.
I am interested in a Milano/Snake type Draft Tower design. Currently eyeing the KOMOS Cobra Dual Tap tower (KOMOS® Cobra Draft Tower - Dual Tap | MoreBeer) Has anyone ever used this tower? I cant find enough posts online about the dimensions of the hole that I need to drill on my chest freezer. Also I would need recommendations on a beer shank as most of the websites that I've looked are all sold out of KOMOS cobra tower specialty shanks. Which only has less than an inch long threaded section to fit nicely to their tower.
I would appreciate any recommendations and suggestions on this.
Thank you
I will be using SS nukataps.

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