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  1. Lesta80

    Dual Circuit Brewing (induction assist!)

    Hi All.. I have been brewing 2.5 gallon batches in my basement for the last 18months, using a 5.5gal Brewtech kettle and Duxtop 1800W induction plate - With a steady rotation of 2.6gal Torpedo kegs!! I recently refurbished an old box I had with an Auber EZBoil & controls, bought a Brau Supply...
  2. A

    Three Vessel Induction Brewing System

    I designed my very own induction brewing system that is based on a traditional 3 kettle system design. I wanted a way to brew great tasting beers, with the ease of brewing them in my basement. To do so I used 3 induction cookers and 2 pumps, powered by 3 dedicated electrical circuits run...
  3. ExMachina

    Moving to 10 gal electric--should I consider induction or just stick w/ heating element?

    The more I read, the more attracted I am to simplify and go with a single pot, eBIAB system (I was thinking RIMS before). Now that I'm looking at options I see that a 3500W 240V induction plate (something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016XY88AA/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20)...
  4. Lmiller1708

    Avantco IC3500 Induction Burner Hacked by an Arduino

    I have been able to get the Avantco IC3500 Induction Burner working with an Arduino using a PID loop! Let me first give credit to the folks over at Openschemes for initiating this hack: http://openschemes.com/2011/04/28/manual-control-of-the-1-8kw-induction-cooktop/ Without them I wouldn’t...