Dual Circuit Brewing (induction assist!)

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Aug 12, 2019
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Hi All..

I have been brewing 2.5 gallon batches in my basement for the last 18months, using a 5.5gal Brewtech kettle and Duxtop 1800W induction plate - With a steady rotation of 2.6gal Torpedo kegs!!

I recently refurbished an old box I had with an Auber EZBoil & controls, bought a Brau Supply 120v element and a weldless TC fitting to add to the kettle. I wanted the controller so I could preheat the water and prevent overshoot (I regularly left the induction plate heating the water for the mash and came back to find it close to boiling!!) - But then I thought, why not use both!

Four batches completed now with the new setup and I am super happy!

I guess you would call this semi-automated as my process is:

1) Fill kettle with ~4gal water, place on the induction plate, connect element & temp probe and turn on EZ boil controller with desired mash temperature.
2) Switch on the induction plate (manual power mode) and set to full power, but I also turn on a 20 minute ‘off-timer‘ on the Duxtop panel
3) With both heating sources (no lid / no kettle insulation) I now hit my mash temp (156DegF) at about 21-22 minute mark - just as the induction plate shuts down from the timer, allowing the EZBoil to perfectly hit my target and hold till I am ready to drop in my bag.

After I pull my bag and grains... I fired up both heat sources again (induction at max / EZBoil at 90%) and it takes about 8 mins to reach 200DegF - At this point I shutdown the induction plate again to prevent boil over!! I then boil for 60mins with EZBoil at 90%.

This has shaved heaps of time of my brewday and I can get up in the morning and start the heating process knowing that it will be sitting at temperature, ready for the grain when kids have finished breakfast!! No change to electrical circuits for 240V (rental house) - But it was fortunate that I had two separate 120V circuits close to my brewing area.

My only question for this group... I had considered attempting to switch the power to the Duxtop induction plate via another outlet on my box and relays in the EZboil. But I am concerned that it would possibly damage the induction plate as when you stop it from the controller panel /timer, the internal fan runs for a minute to cool it down.. If I switched the power off to the induction plate (bypassing the panel controls) the fan would not run for this short period.

Has anyone controlled an induction plate by switching the power source? I have seen ‘Thing 1’ but am not that technically savvy!

Cheers and enjoy the pics!