Moving to 10 gal electric--should I consider induction or just stick w/ heating element?

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Aug 15, 2008
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Nashville, TN
The more I read, the more attracted I am to simplify and go with a single pot, eBIAB system (I was thinking RIMS before).

Now that I'm looking at options I see that a 3500W 240V induction plate (something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016XY88AA/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20) could offer me a lot of flexibility in how I choose to progress in my brewery upgrades (e.g. I could theoretically mash/boil without any type of a PID control panel which might save $$ upfront).

The info I can find here on induction is sparse, so I can't tell if people just find the heating element approach more simple/intuitive, or if induction burners have a real downside? Maybe shorter life spans?

Could anyone please update me with what the current opinion(s) are regarding induction burners?

Thank you!
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