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  1. B

    Single Vessel Brewing Systems Pt1 - Overview

    Homebrewing is a hobby that can be as complicated or as simple as you want it. And homebrewers are likewise varied in what aspects they enjoy most. There are those that are just out to do something different than the norm, those that love to build and create sophisticated custom brewing systems...
  2. S

    Benefits and Disadvantages of Single Vessel Brewing Systems

    Not every homebrewer is a die-hard Do-It-Yourselfer. I mean sure, most of us feel the call occasionally – it’s probably the same brain wiring that makes us want to brew beer instead of buying it at the store. But there’s a big difference between screwing a bulkhead into a cooler, and that guy in...
  3. S

    Texas Grainfather US Brewing System with Connect and extras $700

    I have a lightly used Grainfather system for sale. It has all the original parts, insulated graincoat, hop spider, and storage bag. I went to a 240 v system so no longer need it. North Houston area. SOLD!
  4. W

    Tennessee Grainfather complete setup

    Grainfather with Connect Bluetooth controller and alembic pot still, Grainfather conical fermenter with upgraded temperature controller, Grainfather sparge water heater, mash paddle, and hop spider. Received the Grainfather as a gift in 2014. Have added on the other items since. Lovingly cared...
  5. V

    Aerator and blowoff setup for Grainfather Conical Fermenter.

    Hello... I am a newbie brewer. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question. I am thinking of moving from my 6.5 gallon plastic bucket fermenter to a new Grainfather Conical fermenter. I am looking to brew a Belgian Tripel for the first time. I have heard that the fermentation can be...
  6. T

    Pennsylvania New Grainfather Connect w/ graincoat, micro pipes, hop spider, whirlpool attachment

    Asking $975, local pickup only in PA, 18011. This is a brand new Grainfather Connect that I took out of the box, but just sat aside and never used.... Had a kid, need I say more? All the accessories are brand new as well (no boxes though). Nothing has even been cleaned. Items included...
  7. W

    Grainfather Connect Brewing Sytem

    I have a Grainfather with the connect controller for sale. I am located in Nashville, TN. The Grainfather is in great condition and functions like new. Grainfather Connect Brewing System- $550 Accessories Included: Grainfather sparge water heater, Grainfather counterflow chiller...
  8. B

    Cleaning the Grainfather (Counter Flow Chiller) CFC after a long hiatus

    Hi all! I have had a grainfather for a while now but have had a brewing hiatus. I find it hard to fully drain the CFC free of water. I picked up the CFC yesteday and realized that it had not drained completely, meaning that there has been water inside it or two or three months. My normal...
  9. A

    Steeping Speciality Grains in DME solution?

    I'm planning a big stout but because I have a GF I'm going to have to use a lot of DME. If I dissolve 3.5kg of dme in a few litres of water can I steep speciality grains in it? Chocolate and Carapills? I've tried reiterating mashing, sparging too much and boiling longer but it's just easier to...
  10. C

    Massachusetts FS: Grainfather Connect - Local Pickup Only

    Im upgrading to a 10 gallon system so its time to sell the Grainfather Connect. I have brewed about 25 batches on this system and its GREAT. No complaints other than I wish it was bigger. For sale (1) - Grainfather connect (1) - Graincoat (1) - Gasket Kit, never used All accessories come with...
  11. W

    Grainfather for sale - NOVA/DC

    As much as I hate to do it I am going to part with a fairly new Grainfather Connect. I only had a couple brews on it before I moved into a place that doesn't support 5 gallon batches anymore. So sadly I need to part ways with it. Comes with the insulating jacket, the counter flow chiller and...
  12. code3kid

    Should I "sparge" a full volume mash?

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! I brew in a Mash & Boil all in one system which I have modified by adding a pump for recirculation of my mash which greatly increased brewhouse efficiency. I typically brew 4 gallon batches so that I can ferment under pressure in a corny keg. For this reason, it is very...
  13. R

    Grainfather Pump Question

    Hello Grainfather users, I just got a unit and have a few questions about using the pump. Since there's no tap, all the liquid in the unit needs to be pumped out (or dumped) after usage. I was wondering if when pumping liquid out, one should be careful that the pump doesn't run dry. Say, if I...
  14. S

    Grainfather glycol chiller and Conical fermenter placement

    Hi folks I believe some of you have both grainfather's chiller and conical. Same here :) But unfortunately new equipment usually does not include an additional appartment's space ;) so I'd like to optimize the space somehow.... Do you know/have you tried by chance to install conical on top of...
  15. B

    Grainfather Sparge Technique

    Hello Grainfather Users! I use a Grainfather sparge water heater fitted with a ball valve and a short length of silicon tubing for my sparge. I keep a constant trickle of water going through the mash tun but never have the 10mm or so of water that the Grainfather folks say they have on top. Do...
  16. chillandbrew

    Comparing different automated systems

    Hi guys, My friend asked me to join Homebrewtalk and share my experience with the different automated systems. I am making this thread to do exactly that. I haven't seen any thread where they actually compare different systems, just threads on each system. I have used most automated systems...
  17. beervoid

    Mash thickness, stuck mash and rice hulls on grainfather, ace, klarstein

    Hello everyone, I've recently started brewing bigger batches on a grainfather like system but i'm running into problems with a stuck mash. My current water to grain ratio is on the low end if i'm correct (about 2.5liters per KG). Total grain bill is about 12kg and I have only 30 liters in my...
  18. kyt

    Kentucky Grainfather Connect - new

    Hey guys, I have a Grainfather Connect, just sitting in the box unused. Box is opened, I inspected for damage and account for all parts, but has not been used. Its in the original white shipping box with all appropriate packing. No pictures, its in a box so, I'm sure you know what the thing...
  19. T

    Low efficiency with Grainfather

    Hi, I am very new to all this. Yesterday I did my fourth brew. It was a Blue Moon clone from grainfather recipes OG - 1.044 FG - 1.011 5 pounds of Maris Otter Pale ale malt 5 pounds of Flaked Wheat US mash in 60 minutes at 66 C mash out 10 minutes at 75 C boil time 60 minutes a packet East Kent...
  20. F

    Virginia Complete Electric 5G Brew Rig (GF Connect, SS brewtech, etc...)

    Getting out the game for a while and focusing more on the family. Listing the big items but there are a ton of accessories that will come with the "All-in" price Grainfather connect w/ CF chiller- great shape. converted to quick connects for ease of use 2- SS Brewtech Stainless Brew Buckets Hop...