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Virginia Grainfather Connect brewing system with extras - Northern VA

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Jun 28, 2011
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For sale: This Grainfather Connect (SKU 10197) is in great working condition. Purchased in 2017 and brewed with it about 10 times, then decided to switch to an outdoor setup. It allows you to mash, sparge, boil, and cool, all in one fully electric, self-contained system. Includes bluetooth controller you can use with iPhone or Android. It's great if you have limited space for a full homebrewing setup and/or want to brew indoors. This worked great for me when it was too cold to brew outside!

$̶7̶0̶0̶ I'm dropping this to $600 for the Connect and the following extras:
Graincoat insulation
Sparge water heater
Hop spider
Micro pipework
Blichmann ThruMometer

Cash only. Price non-negotiable. Pickup only. This is too big to ship!


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