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  1. samandbekah

    SS Brewtech FTSS Temp Probe corrosion

    Hello, My SS Brewtech FTSS temp probe corroded on my last batch. In fact it happened twice, my original one corroded and then I ordered a replacement (unfortunately you cannot replace just the probe, you have to buy the whole box again for $50 bucks - really crappy design imo!) and that one...
  2. U

    Illinois SOLD

    2 half barrel BME Chronicals with FTSS2 (heating and cooling temp control). Includes blowoff canes, temp control bracket, leg extensions, casters, and shelf. Both cooling pumps are brand new. $900 for 1 ($900/each) $1,700 for 2 ($850/each) Cost if purchased new: 1/2 barrel BME FTSS2 Equipment...
  3. TobyG32

    For Those With Glycol Chillers/FTSS

    So, I just completed my first fermentation with my new glycol chiller and FTSS setup for 7 gallon Brew Buckets, and have a question for those with similar setups. What is your process for disconnecting the glycol lines from the hose barbs/getting glycol out of the chiller coil without losing a...
  4. hunter306

    The Ole' Window AC - Glycol Chiller Build

    Another stab at building a cheap Window-AC based Chiller. I snagged the Frigidaire Analog unit from the clearance section at Sears for 25.00 out the door... Add a 35 dollar cooler, a trusty STC-1000, and a aquarium wave generator and here it is. First, build the cart, to keep the whole unit...