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  1. C

    Sold Blichmann Electric BoilerMaker 10gal/240V + Ss Brewtech 7gal Conical w/FTSs + MORE!! - local in Albuquerque, NM & surrounding area

    Hey all, This is a complete stainless extract brewing kit yard sale of sorts, all high quality, all for sale locally in the southwest surrounding area of Albuquerque, NM!!! Looking to do a local bulk (of halved) sale for cash of the following items to someone looking to step up to stainless...
  2. T

    For Sale 2 7 Gallon Ss Brewtech Brew Buckets with Ftss heating and cooling kits. Illinois side of Saint Louis, Mo

    Works great, all Ftss parts included for both. Several bags of extra o rings. Bought some conicals, so no longer needed. 800
  3. A

    SS Brewtech FTSs2 controller keeps turning off and on

    Hey guys so I just filled my 14 gal unitank for the first time and the main controller where you plug in the cooling coil and heat jacket keeps turning on and off. I can't even set the temperature I want before it turns off and back on. Has anyone had this problem? any recommendations ideas? thanks!
  4. A

    For Sale Ssbrewtech FTSS Temp Control for 7gal Brew Bucket

    $175 and I’ll pay shipping in US Used about 4-5 times. Very clean and works great.
  5. TBC_Brewster

    SS Brewtech 1BBL Jacketed Unitank Clarity Issues

    So I've upgraded my entire system from 10 gal to 1bbl. I used to cold crash in carboys that would sit in my freezer for a week and come out perfect. With my new tanks, I am unable to do it in roughly/same amount of time. I have even transferred after fermenting (yes I know the irony) just to...
  6. Beerwildered

    IceMaster Max - Adding Heat - Step by Step

    I recently received my IceMaster Max 4 glycol chiller. I upgraded from an older Ss Brewtech 1/5hp chiller for lots of reasons - not the least of which was the reservoir size, pre-installed pumps, higher HP, and the possibility of cleaning up a number of electrical cords from my brew space by...
  7. samandbekah

    SS Brewtech FTSS Temp Probe corrosion

    Hello, My SS Brewtech FTSS temp probe corroded on my last batch. In fact it happened twice, my original one corroded and then I ordered a replacement (unfortunately you cannot replace just the probe, you have to buy the whole box again for $50 bucks - really crappy design imo!) and that one...
  8. U

    Illinois SOLD

    2 half barrel BME Chronicals with FTSS2 (heating and cooling temp control). Includes blowoff canes, temp control bracket, leg extensions, casters, and shelf. Both cooling pumps are brand new. $900 for 1 ($900/each) $1,700 for 2 ($850/each) Cost if purchased new: 1/2 barrel BME FTSS2 Equipment...
  9. TobyG32

    For Those With Glycol Chillers/FTSS

    So, I just completed my first fermentation with my new glycol chiller and FTSS setup for 7 gallon Brew Buckets, and have a question for those with similar setups. What is your process for disconnecting the glycol lines from the hose barbs/getting glycol out of the chiller coil without losing a...
  10. hunter306

    The Ole' Window AC - Glycol Chiller Build

    Another stab at building a cheap Window-AC based Chiller. I snagged the Frigidaire Analog unit from the clearance section at Sears for 25.00 out the door... Add a 35 dollar cooler, a trusty STC-1000, and a aquarium wave generator and here it is. First, build the cart, to keep the whole unit...