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Apr 15, 2012
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My SS Brewtech FTSS temp probe corroded on my last batch. In fact it happened twice, my original one corroded and then I ordered a replacement (unfortunately you cannot replace just the probe, you have to buy the whole box again for $50 bucks - really crappy design imo!) and that one corroded as well and throws the temperature off by 100 + degrees.

I am extremely frustrated and wanted to know if any other homebrewers have had this issue with this unit. What I did notice was there was some water/condensation built up towards the bottom of the thermowell (when I pulled the probe out there was clearly condensation on it). Given that the probe appears to be stainless (assuming here) I was shocked to think that the little bit of water/sanitizer that was in there could destroy the unit and render it utterly useless - two times in a row!

Is it possible that the temp probe sitting in that small amount of water/sanitizer will destroy the sensor? Did the condensation get through the rubber housing/protection for the wires? Or is it just bad luck with these units?

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