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  1. ElliotFekete

    Secondary Fermentation

    Hi All, Looking to brew my first all grain beer using fruit. As part of the recipe I need add fruit to the beer in secondary fermentation. What's the benefit of transferring to a separate secondary fermenter vs. just adding in the fruit into the primary once primary fermentation is complete...
  2. JAReeves

    Vintners Harvest Apricot

    Greetings! So I added 1-#10 can of Vintner's Harvest ApricotFruit Wine Base to 5 gallons of saison. I am trying to figure out how much alcohol this is going to add once it ferments out. The can is listed at approximately 1.0237 (6 Brix). My measurement of the liquid in the can showed it at...
  3. Nozomu

    Fruited Kettle Sours

    Hey, Have any of you attempted brewing those smoothie style fruited kettle sours? stuff like the veil or trilliums daily serving series. If so, can you give any advice regarding how to go about it. Would be interested to see your attempts too. Cheers
  4. H

    Adding Ingredients & Fruit to a Wheat

    I’m looking to brew a wheat / Hefe Style & want to add spices or fruit. I’ve done orange peel & coriander. I’m thinking about banana & vanilla. I’ve never attempted the secondary fermentation. Does anyone have any tips or fun recipes to share?? Maybe even something completely different like...
  5. R

    Secondary w/ Bugs & Fruit - Sour Help

    Hey guys & gals, I've got a Belgian Dark Strong ripping away in primary right now that I have intentions on souring using WLP655 and over 5lbs of blueberries & 3.5 lbs of raspberries. My first sour attempt and I don't want to ef this up. My thought was to sanitize an ale pail, mash my fruits...
  6. S

    Adding pasteurized POM pomegrante juice to secondary

    Hi, I will add POM pomegranate juice that has been flash pasteurized to my secondary fermenter. Do I need to prep the juice at all, such as using campden tablets, or can I just add the juice as is? Should I try to sanitize the lid of the juice container before pouring in? Please let me know...
  7. N

    Problems with secondary fermentation

    Hey everyone how’s it going. I’m newer to brewing and I’m on my third batch and I decided to make apricot red ale. I racked to the secondary after the primary died down and then poured in 2 cans of apricot purée. The guy I buy my materials from said I should expect a second round of fermentation...