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  1. micraftbeer

    Sour Apple Smell on Floating Dip Tubes in Fermentors

    I've just recently started using two fermentors that have a floating dip tube (FermZilla All Rounder and BrewBuilt X1). I've used these before in my cold crash keg (where I let the beer sit after fermentor for 2-3 days in 35F fridge before transferring to serving keg). In my most recent brews...
  2. AntDoctor

    Suuuper slow pour from floating dip tube?

    So I am fermenting and serving a braggot from a single 5 gallon keg. The beer is only 3 gallons, if that matters. I'm using a floating diptube (the "FLOTit" found here) to pour and serve it. However, even when I crank up the pressure to something like 20+ PSI, the beer hardly trickles out my...
  3. Q

    Can you use the Fermentasaurus pressure lid kit parts on the Fermzilla

    Hi there, I know the actual lids are different but does anyone know first hand whether or not you can remove and use the ball lock posts and float from the Fermentasaurus pressure kit lid and use them on the Fermzilla lid. Here in Canada having a hell of a time finding the Fermzilla lid or...
  4. beervoid

    Problems with closed transfer in between DIY floating diptube kegs

    Hello everyone, I have 2 kegs fitted with a DIY floating diptube. This is the first time I have tried to transfer my fermented and dry hopped beer from 1 keg off the yeast and hops into another purged keg. The keg was spunded at 15psi for a few days to allow some natural carbonation and oxygen...
  5. beervoid

    Float system interferring with fermentation.

    Is it possible that if there is a float system in a keg it interferes with fermentation and forming of krausen? I've just pitched an adequate amount of wyeast 1318 which normally takes off within 1 day. It's been over 36hours now and I've not seen any airlock activity. I've opened up the keg...