Suuuper slow pour from floating dip tube?

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Sep 11, 2020
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So I am fermenting and serving a braggot from a single 5 gallon keg. The beer is only 3 gallons, if that matters. I'm using a floating diptube (the "FLOTit" found here) to pour and serve it.

However, even when I crank up the pressure to something like 20+ PSI, the beer hardly trickles out my picnic tap. It's not at all like what I'm used to. Even under the high pressure, it's not like the picnic tap is sputtering loudly and sending out air and foam: there's essentially no noise when I depress the tap. A very, very slow trickle of beer begins wandering its way up to the nozzle, but nothing else.

The diptube itself is pretty thin tubing, the intake port seems to be under the beer, and there doesn't seem to be blockage anywhere. What's going on? Is this normal? Thank you so much for your help!
Could be a kink in the line or the mesh could be blocked. Line kink would be my bet.
I'd remove the post and check the poppet, if I have to do this I like to put a steady low pressure stream of CO2 into the keg to help reduce oxygen exposure. If the problem isn't at the poppet but inside the keg try pushing a few psi of CO2 through the Beer OUT to see if you can clear the line/pickup in the keg.
Ah! Yes, the problem was with the poppet. In addition to the floating dip tube, I was also using a rubber "universal one-piece dip tube" that came with it. Apparently if the poppet is screwed on too tightly, it can squeeze this shut and essentially simulate a clog.

Normally I'm the kind of person to tighten everything to the max, but it turns out at keeping the poppet a bit more than finger-tight fixes everything. Thank you, everyone!

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