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  1. Denis2121

    FG lower 5 points than expected

    Hey guys, back with another issue. Recently brewed a red ale. Had a stuck mash as recirculation was poor and had to stir often. Will fix this by taking some water from sparge and adding to mash instead or by adding some hulls. Due to this my temp during mash kept moving between 64c (147f) to 67c...
  2. Thomas1999

    Not Fermentable Malts

    Hi, in many recipes I have found online, I see that the fact that some malts are not fermentable is overlooked. One example are carapils, caramunich and all malts that start with "cara". The software I use (BrewFather) gives me the option of indicating if a malt is not fermentable so that it is...
  3. loudmacleod

    Milling grain for BIAB

    A little background...I just started brewing in Jan 2023. So basically a The first beer was an extract kit my wife purchased. Since then, I have been using all grain using the brew in a bag (BIAB) method because it helps keep the amount of particulates down in my wort. And I've added hop...
  4. beervoid

    Refractometer reading very different from Hydrometer, fermenting wort

    Hi everyone, I've had a slow fermentation going due to pitching to low. I meassured the OG with an hydrometer as 1.081. Normally my fermentation is at terminal around day 4. Now day 7 in it's still bubbling quiet alot so I decided to do a refractometer reading. It stated 11.5 brix which...
  5. M

    Extract, Final gravity and Amalyse

    Hey all. I prefer all grain brewing but am limited on time. Starting up extract again. I’ve been less than satisfied with my last few extract batches though, both because of final gravity. Not a fan of sweet beers. (Light lager finished at 1.015 and RIS at 1.042) One thought I had was to add...
  6. J

    Stuck Fermentation... Help!

    So this is my 4th brew. The first two went swimmingly. The 3rd one I had an issue with the brew not reaching its FG and the same has happened on my 4th brew. The 3rd one I ended up throwing away so don't want to make the same mistake here.. I've done some research and I'm putting it down to...
  7. JAReeves

    Vintners Harvest Apricot

    Greetings! So I added 1-#10 can of Vintner's Harvest ApricotFruit Wine Base to 5 gallons of saison. I am trying to figure out how much alcohol this is going to add once it ferments out. The can is listed at approximately 1.0237 (6 Brix). My measurement of the liquid in the can showed it at...
  8. Smitty

    Final Gravity

    Wondering about being out 2 to 6 points on final gravity and having bottle bombs? 1.039 og everything seems to have come to a halt at 1.010. According to the instructions and from reading the forums 1.008-1.006 is what it "should" bottom out at. Any thoughts?
  9. L

    Rising SG and carbonated in primary fermentation

    This is my second batch, and my first attempt at a pilsner. I understand pilsners are meant to be kept at a lower temperature, in my back room it's consistently between 11-14 degrees and the recommended temperature for this brew was 12-15. The initial gravity was 1.038 and after three weeks it...
  10. Sergiy

    A bit higher final gravity

    Hi, i got 1.015 final, and i expect it to be around 1.010. Does it make sence to keep it for a few days more? I used M44 Jack yeast, fermentation for 9 days.
  11. jeanzanita

    Question re. Final alcohol % and bottle carbonating

    Hi, I've been wondering about how to determine the actual alcohol % of my final cider after back-sweetening with apple juice (to 1.005 S.G), allowing it to carbonate, and then pasteurizing. I do the usual O.G. minus S.G. to determine the final alcohol %; but it struck me that by the addition...
  12. K

    Oatmeal Stout Woes

    I tried to brew Yooper's Oatmeal Stout which went fine until the fermentation process. The batch came through the brewing process with an OG 1.056, a little high but I also only collected 4.5g on a 5.0g batch. I pitched rehydrated US-05, as I always do, but this time I added yeast nutrient and...
  13. Rainyn

    Fermentation is done but FG is high?

    Hi all! Hoping some experts could help me with my oatmeal stout. I used a "Brewer's Best" Oatmeal Stout kit. This is the first time I've ever used grains. (partial extract and partial grains kit). The instructions that came with the kit here...