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  1. mdeaves

    Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

    Has anyone had any luck with one of these to monitor fermentation temperatures? https://bluemaestro.com/products/tempo-disc-bluetooth-waterproof-temperature-sensor-logger I was intrigued by the Tilt or iSpindel, but then I realized I don't really care that much about SG during fermentation...
  2. micraftbeer

    When to Declare Fermentation Done When Using Tilt

    I know the commonly shared advice is to take gravity readings when you think fermentation is done, and when you get 3 days of the same gravity reading, it's done and you can cold crash, keg, whatever. But this is advice based on taking a gravity sample once a day. With the Tilt, you obviously...
  3. micraftbeer

    Perfect Pairing- Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer + Inkbird WiFi Temperature Controller

    I've been using Tilts for a while now and am absolutely sold on them. I use them specifically to keep track of fermentation progress to decide when to adjust the fermentor temperature. When I saw that Inkbird came out with an ITC-308 WiFi controller, I had to check it out. And as expected, it...