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  1. Krg7

    Schwarzbier Colour

    I am planning to brew a schwarzbier and I'm wondering what the best way to get it really dark without it tasting like a thin stout. I've found lots of recipes that say to use around 5% dark malts but when I put that in beersmith it only gives me an srm of 15 and I'm shooting for closer to 25. If...
  2. H

    First Chocolate Stout

    Brewing my first chocolate stout (second stout ever) and am curious about opinions on best chocolate use and the recipe below. Going for decent chocolate aroma and flavor with thick mouth feel but not dessert in a glass...expecting primary chocolate notes from the roasted barley and cocoa...
  3. B

    1 Gallon - Clean Out the Freezer Beer - Dark and Roasty - Hop Suggestion

    Hello, I will be moving soon and want to use up what I have but not just throw it out. I am working on creating a 1 gallon recipe to use up the remaining grain I have on hand. This is my second ever recipe from the ground up, so I welcome feedback and suggestions. I realize this beer may not be...
  4. pozmantv

    Smokey Bourbon Porter / Stout

    Hi I'm planning on making a stout or a Porter and want to add the following; Smoky flavor Bourbon Extract. Questions 1. Porter or Stout? 2. Can I use a bbq product like liquid smoke? 3. Recommendations on type of bourbon extract? Styles / Brands 4. Do I add it at time of bottling or during...
  5. Figgy15

    Dark Pilsner Recipe

    Hello fellow brewers. Ive been playing around with the idea of making a Dark Pilsner. I know Dark Lagers are very popular but being a bit of an experimentalist, I'm thinking why not a Dark Pilsner! Thing is i've never even made a Pilsner before. Does anyone have any advice or recipes to share?
  6. J

    What About Stout? Porter / ale / stout naming debates

    What About Stout? is an article just published by Blast Magazine in Boston, MA. It compares Guinness to other stouts, visits the porter / stout naming debate, and tries to define terms such as ale and lager. There’s a comment board where you can agree or disagree.