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  1. R

    Help (pid )

    Hello my name is Robert and I recently have put a pressed together I am utilizing an inkbird Rex c100 controller I want my heating elements to stay around 160 degrees Fahrenheit I have no instructions or manual I need to get this butter up and running I was hoping somebody could walk me through...
  2. rkhanso

    Finally (almost) complete BIAB Craftbeerpi system - testing

    I just need to get a 12v DC jack and plug mounted in the 6"x6"x4" controller box to power the Raspberry Pi - but I'm doing a PID Tune right now. I went pretty simple. Using my phone or a PC to control via the http interface. I power the 240v and 12v separately. Have a 12v brown solar pump on...
  3. MikeSkril

    Building Your Electric Brewery From Scratch (Complete Guide)

    Fellow brewers, The last few months I was working on an eBook on how to build an electric brewery. I finally finished it and the PDF is available here. More information can be found on my blog. It covers the complete control panel build, kettle weldless connections, complete part list so you...
  4. wuertele

    Controlling RIMS with a grant

    I think I understand how a PID controller works, but so far I have only seen examples with one input (the thermistor voltage) and one output (the heater control). That shoud work fine when the flow rate of the wort is constant, but how do you manage it with a grant? The way I think a grant...