cold fermentation

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  1. E

    Yeast effects on cold primary fermentation (36-50 deg)

    (Photos of primary fermentation 6 hours after yeast awakening attempt) Hey guys. New-ish to the hobby and about to keg a 5 gal batch for the first time. The beer I’m going to keg is an imperial ipa extract kit using two Omega West Coast Ale II Yeast Slurry packs from NB. I did not use a yeast...
  2. A

    Igloo fermentation

    As it starts getting colder here in Utah, I'm thinking of converting my dug-out fire pit into a cold storage for a lager or two. I was thinking I could use the tree trimmings to build a stupa over the hole, wrapping it with a tarp or paper mache or both, which we will then cover with snow...
  3. NobleNewt

    Cold Fermentation Temps

    I'm working on my first brew (Irish Stout recipe from Zymurgy). The batch has been in primary for 8 days now, but due to the cold nights in South Texas my fermenter has been rather cold in the evenings. I put the fermenter in a water bath which seems to help regulate the temperature some...