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    Noob question about Step One

    So I just started my batch of wine. My kit from the LHBS came with star san AND, as an add-on, step one cleanser. I didn't know which one to use, so I went with step one. It said no need to rinse, so I didn't dry with a paper towel. Instead I just shook off the excess solution. Will I be alright?
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    Cleaning a freshly purchased corny keg that smells bad?

    Hi! Fairly new to cider and loving it. I've purchased a used corny keg and some other parts from a guy locally. While I was there to pick it up he realized he'd left a kiwi beer in the keg (I don't know how long). There was a thick brown film on inside when I got the keg that didn't come off...
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    Storing BLC / Storing it cold

    In an effort to be more on top of cleaning my lines I am thinking about storing two smaller kegs I have, one filled with BLC and one filled with Starsans (Distilled Water solution) in my keezer. If I did this I was wondering if: 1. Does BLC hold up for long term storage in a keg? Probably...
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    Micromatic line cleaner (sanke) $50+ship

    Brand new - never opened. $50 plus shipping
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    Good "everyday" cleaner for small jobs?

    Hi all, I love PBW to death, but it is not always convenient to mix up, and it doesn't keep well once mixed (given that the oxygen volatizes), so I am at a loss for a good light-duty everyday cleaner for small jobs. For context, I am making a lot of meads lately, and given that they require a...
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    Plate-Chiller Revival: Remove severe mineral deposits

    Hey all, My father-in-law just replaced the hot water plate heat-exchanger in his house due to hot water issues. Luckley for me it turned out the old one wasn't an issue so I grabbed it to use as a plate chiller. I think once it's cleaned up it will work great BUT it has some pretty heavy...