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  1. A

    Hi Everyone!, what makes HB interesting for you?

    Personally, I just started homebrewing and I'm really enjoying the process and want to get more involved within the community. So I would like to know how everyone started homebrewing, if they made their own business selling their HB, or what interests them the most. :)
  2. S

    I need your help

    Hello my fellow Brewers, My colleagues and I are working on a project that involves brewing and we would greatly appreciate if you could help us out. We would just require you to complete a survey that I will post a link of below. Thank you very much and best regards, Saeed...
  3. braukorps

    Intro Post from North Carolina

    Hello all! I've been brewing beer and making wine for about fifteen years. My favorite home brew store in Jacksonville, NC closed Friday due to the pandemic. I see a need and an opportunity. I hope to open a home brew store in the area by Autumn. It would be basic retail, but I would...
  4. E

    Any Baltimore area brewers looking to go to next step?

    Been messing around with Wine and Cider and now a little beer. Just seeing if any home brewers have dreams of trying to go to next level. I have some funds and would love to partner with a more knowledgeable brewer and see if we could get this off the ground.
  5. B

    Small Kombucha Advice

    Hey, I've been wanting to start a small kombucha business, however I'm only experienced in making very small batches of kombucha and I need some advice on what equipment I need in order to make enough to sell at a small farmers' market. Right now for personal consumption, I use one 2 gal glass...
  6. SoCal-Doug

    Idea... Well a proposal to brewing supply companies

    Yeast... It basically has a 6 month shelf life if treated properly and the stars line up. I propose that retailers pro-rate the price of yeast based on that 6 month window, thence the distributors pro-rate the wholesale cost back to the retailer. In other words, if its 3 months old, you can buy...