Any Baltimore area brewers looking to go to next step?

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Oct 15, 2018
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Been messing around with Wine and Cider and now a little beer. Just seeing if any home brewers have dreams of trying to go to next level. I have some funds and would love to partner with a more knowledgeable brewer and see if we could get this off the ground.
If you've got business sense/experience and are willing to let a more experienced brewer handle the brewing while you handle the business, that's commendable (and smart).

My honest suggestion, don't go with a homebrewer. Go with someone who knows the ropes professionally. They are different ball games with different considerations.

And I would reach out to one of the consulting firms. They'll help you get your business plan right. And help you find the right brewer.

That's my 2c

Barring that, I'd get your thoughts together cohesively and post over at ProBrewer rather than here.

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