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  1. J

    California FOR SALE: Ss Brewtech Homebrew System

    I have a complete homebrew system with brand new Ss Brewtech epuipment that I’m selling. I’m a professional Brewer so I don’t brew anymore at home. It’s sitting and I know someone else can benefit from it. It’s a single tier 2 burner and 2 pump system welded out of 2” square tubing. One of the...
  2. T

    Upgrading to 10 gallon batches - Minimal Equipment (AG)

    Hi all, I've encountered the "time to brew vs free time" problem - sounds like this is common amongst people who share this hobby. A common solution to this problem is to produce more beer per brew day. With that said, I would like to attempt make the volume jump by purchasing minimal...
  3. javert

    Low gas flow from a solenoid valve.

    Hi, we're on the process of building a more automated rig for brewing. We acquired a solenoid valve to control the gas flow for an Anvil burner (45 000 btu). To our dismay, the gas flow is very low and flames coming from the burner are very small, like 1,5 cm height when the valve is opened to...
  4. B-Dub

    California Full All Grain System - 18G

    Below is the Craig's list ad link. I am asking $2000 for the whole system. At its heart is a 4 burner natural gas 2 tier brew stand. Sparge water is gravity feed and the two pumps are used for recirc, transfer and cooling. It is designed to brew a single mash or double mash brew day. Singles...
  5. A

    Two Burners or Three- Building a Stand

    Hey Gang, My girlfriend and I are new to brewing and just invested in a SS Brewtech 10 Gallon All-Grain System. We haven't brewed before and are jumping right in. Im planning out my stand and I have seen many stands use the Bajou Classic 10", but some guys use three burners and some use two...
  6. shawnguinn

    New Brew stand, need burner help

    I’m building a new brew stand and have my Bayou BG-14 burners ordered, does anyone have the distance from bolt hole to bolt hole so I can start on the mounting brackets???????? Great place to purchase Bayou 10" high pressure burners cheep ($29.95 each) ...