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  1. J

    Anyone has experience with Alpha amylase from Fermfast? Brut IPA help

    Hi, I'm planning to brew a Brut IPA in the near future. I just got some Alpha amylase from Fermfast, it was really cheap at my LHBS. I was looking at recipes and most of them add the enzyme during mash or at fermentation. This one says to add 1/3 in the mash and 2/3 after the boil has cooled...
  2. Hefferweizen

    Glucoamylase in harvested yeast for Brut series

    Anyone have experience with harvesting and re-pitching yeast containing Gluco enzyme additions? I'm trying a Brut IPA test series and want to use the same yeast and enzyme. My main question is how well does the enzyme perform after weeks in refrigeration and does it mutate the yeast in any...
  3. M

    Brut IPA hop problem

    A buddy and I brewed our first Brute IPA, and found that when it was all said and done, there was very little hop flavor or hop smell...which was difficult for us to wrap our heads around because we annihilated it with 2 oz. of cascade/Amarillo (+) 2 oz citra in the last 15 minutes. We did a...
  4. dschiller

    American IPA Brut IPA

    9 lb Pilsner 1 lb White Wheat 1 oz Galaxy (20 min) 1 oz Citra (0 min) 1 oz El Dorado (0 min) 1/2 tab Whirlfloc, 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient (5 min) 1 oz Citra (dry hops) 1 oz Nelson Sauvin (dry hops) Bubbled O2 through diffusion stone for 40 seconds before pitching decanted StirStarter liquid yeast...
  5. H

    Brutally Brewed Brut

    After tasting two different Bruts that some breweries are doing up in WA, I am going to go for my first attempt at this style. Going to brew on 8/26 and looking for any feedback or tips to get this dry style of IPA. 6 gallon batch (30 minute boil) Grains: Marris Otter 1823 - 8# 2-Row - 4#...