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  1. NautiDogBrewingCo.

    Michigan Last Straw Stainless Steel Bottle Filler

    SOLD Last Straw Stainless Steel Bottle Filler. New. Never been used. What you see is what you get. $50 shipped. $40 local pick up.
  2. tcblf

    California Xpressfill XF2500 Counter pressure bottle filler - 2 Spout (For Glass Bottles)

    This is a new and unused unit. Let me know if you have any interest. $3000 Shipped All the details and a video from Xpressfill Having an issue uploading pics PM me and I'll send direct
  3. T

    Minnesota Fermenter's Favorite Coolers for Sale, Misc. Other Things

    Looking to clear some space out as I seem to just keep expanding, and not downsizing. Prices are all listed at the end of the title. Everything is in great condition. Can provide pictures later; just not at the moment as I'm not at home. Fermenter's Favorite cooler system - $150 OBO Bought...
  4. B

    Blichmann Beer Gun with Accessory kit.

    $70 shipped. Works like a charm. Clean and ready for use. Bev line is band new.
  5. kgranger

    Bottling From Pressurized SPIKE Conical Unitank

    I am researching the purchase of a Spike CF15 Conical Unitank, which at the end of the process will be pressurized to a desired volume of CO2. I have researched using a counter pressure bottle filler to transfer from a pressurized keg to a bottle, but I am wondering if this would work the same...
  6. L

    World's cheapest counter pressure bottle filler

    I just wanted to share the way that I've been filling bottles from the keg, since I haven't seen anyone else do it this way. Literally all you need is a 2 inch piece of 1/2 inch ID silicone hose. The key to this is that the hose creates an airtight seal between the tap and the bottle so that...
  7. M

    Best 2-3 Spout Siphon bottle filler?

    hey, looking for the best budget 2-3 spout siphon bottle filler, shoot a 1 spout siphon filter would be fine too so long as it dosent leak, and fills relativly quickly, i saw this and it looks nice about 200 u.s. but they dont seem to ship here, one like this would be about perfect. any...
  8. J

    First Batch Questions

    Hello fellow homebrewers, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to this stuff and my very first batch is nearly done fermenting. I have a few (probably stupid) questions. Firstly, I ordered an equipment kit from Homebrew that came with all kinds of extra toys (immersion wort...
  9. T

    Maryland 2x - Blichmann Beer Guns ($60 each / OBO)

    I have two never used Blichmann Beer Guns for sale. Bought with the intention of making a multi head bottle filler, but never get around to it. Still in original boxes. Ready to move. Asking $60 each / OBO Thanks, - Adam
  10. Bubbles2

    Spring Tip Bottle Filler(s)

    can't find the delete thread tool?