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  1. Kornssj

    Makeshift blow off tube inquiry

    Just brewed 5 gallons of pale ale with no blow of tube. Learned my lesson as there was a mess even on day 3. I really don't want to have to keep cleaning the airlock or just removing it in general. Are there any issues with this makeshift blow off tube? Anything touching the blow off cap was...
  2. Samson's Brew&Ski

    My fermentation tank is about to pop! w/ pics

    Good morning guys, Before bed last night I checked on my brew that I just brewed that same day, well Im glad I checked because I saw that the blue plastic cover was popping off so I decided to duck tape it down overnight. The next morning came and I checked on it and found that the blue cover...
  3. ChaosB

    How do you clean blow off tubing?

    Using a length of vinyl PVC 5/16th x 7/16th as blow off tubing. It got full of krausen. I tried soaking it in Star San for a week but it's still gunked up. I don't think pipe cleaners would be an effective way to clean it due to its length. Solutions?
  4. Rik van den berg

    No Suckback Blowoff System Dilemma

    I put together this blow off system that should prevent suck back and oxygen from entering the fermenter during cold crash. I can do two things: add sanitizer to the first jar, keep the 'in' hose connected to the short tube and the 'out' hose connected to the long tube. This way the CO2...
  5. Iowa Brewer

    Live, Learn, & Pass It On... But seriously, will I poison myself?

    Hey all, I've been cold crashing a DIPA in the fermenter, bringing it down 10F/day to 36F. Went to take a look and realized that I should have disconnected the blow-off tube, because the lowering temp caused suction (new lesson for me!), it sucked the StarSan that I had in a 1gal jug into the...
  6. C

    Blow off or airlock

    can I continue to use a blowoff tube for my beer or do I need to replace it after fermentation settles down?
  7. A

    SS Brew Bucket blow off tube

    I have been lurking here for a while and typically find an answer to any question i may have but came up short on this one. I wanted to reciprocate sharing the wealth of knowledge i have gained on this forum over the years. I recently upgraded from glass carboys to SS BrewTech brew buckets...
  8. beervoid

    Top cropping yeast, keg ferment under pressure or blowoff?

    Hello everyone, I've been fermenting in 5 gal kegs for a while always going for max 4.5 gal to leave some head space. At the moment my setup consists of a simple ballock with silicon tubing on it that goes into a jar with sanitizer. I'm used to ferment with s04 and so far never had any clogging...
  9. SleepyCreekBrews

    Blow off tube best practices

    You should use a tube large enough to carry the foam/hops without clogging. You should use a container capable of holding all the FOAM that may come out of the fermenter (generally 1/2 -1 gal) for a 5-10 gal batch. After all, we have a really active ferment too vigorous for a regular airlock...
  10. DoctorDuvel

    Replacing airlock for blow off tube, mid-fermentation?

    Hi peeps - looking for some quick advice... I brewed a cream ale last night and used a Better Bottle carboy for fermentation, since the bucket is already in use. Now I see the krausen action coming through the airlock - not necessarily making a big mess (yet), but going pretty steady. I...