Top cropping yeast, keg ferment under pressure or blowoff?

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Hophead & Pellet Rubber
Jan 4, 2017
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Hello everyone, I've been fermenting in 5 gal kegs for a while always going for max 4.5 gal to leave some head space.
At the moment my setup consists of a simple ballock with silicon tubing on it that goes into a jar with sanitizer. I'm used to ferment with s04 and so far never had any clogging issues.

I want to start brewing with wyeast 1318 London Ale III and also try fermenting full 5 gallon batches but i'm afraid I might run into clogging problems
I have a few questions

1. Will 1318 create more krausen then s04?

2. If I ferment under pressure (+/- 10 - 20 psi) will the pressure keep the krausen down? preventing the pressure valve from clogging?

3. Does anyone have experience with making a proper blow off on a corny keg that won't clog? (ideally I would like to collect the yeast from top cropping this way)

Thanks alot!