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  1. Kornssj

    BIAB Lemon Lime Hefeweizen (First Time Need Help)

    Ladies and Gents, Hope you are all having a fine new year. Although its still early I have a good feeling about this year! Although yesterday I did run out of my homebrew (Pale Ale using DME). This brings me to my next batch and wanting to make a Hefeweizen for a while now since its among my...
  2. B

    Scaling with BeerSmith vs Brewfather Troubles

    I'm too smoothbrained for this stuff guys. I'm hoping one of you can help shed some light on this for me. I'm trying to venture outside Brewing Classic Styles here but can't figure out scaling recipes. I found this Pseudo Sue clone a guy posted on his blog and had also created/shared in the...
  3. J

    BeerSmith water profile

    Hey Folks. I‘m still kind of new to BeerSmith. I’m working on a cream ale receipt. Using distilled water water as my water profile which target profile would be best for a cream ale?
  4. A

    Legends in Brewing: Brad Smith

    Brad Smith is a legend in the brewing world. If you don't know him by name you know him by product. As the creator of BeerSmith, the most popular and widely used brewing software on the planet, his name should be known by all brewers who successfully use his software every brewday. Brad has...
  5. J

    BeerSmith 2

    BeerSmith version 2 is the newest installment by owner Brad Smith. Brad is much more than just the inventor of a great program, he is all over the beer world via his own articles and great podcast. This program is my favorite brewing tool, and the most accurate thing I have ever used to...
  6. P

    Est ABV maxed out at 10% (Beersmith)

    Hi All, Creating a recipe for a barleywine and never gone up to 9%abv so far and as I'm adding malt to my recipe, the abv stopped incrementing after 10%. Is there a reason for that? Cheers,
  7. frankvw

    Which homebrewing package is more accurate?

    After having used Qbrew for many years, I'm now looking at Brewtarget and Beersmith as well. I'm in the process of working out The Ultimate Belgian Dubbel Recipe (yeah right) and decided to give all three of them a spin. The results were wildly different. So I decided to make a simple test...
  8. A

    Anyone like using beersmith?

    Anyone like using Beersmith?
  9. BrewersFriend

    Importing Recipes from Beersmith (and Brewtoad!) to Brewer's Friend

    We just posted a quick and easy tutorial for those who need a way to quickly migrate their recipes from Beersmith or the soon-to-be-defunct Brewtoad. The screenshots show Beersmith specifically, but you can import ANY *.xml files as well. Beersmith files are *.bsmx format, while Brewtoad uses...
  10. micraftbeer

    Need BeerSmith Equipment Profile for 20 Gal InfuSSion Mash Tun

    I recently got a 20 gallon Brewtech InfuSSion mash tun. It's bigger than I needed (so I think now...), but the 10 gallon wasn't big enough for my occasional big batch experiments where I split wort off into fermentors to test different fermentation parameters. Anyway, I was brewing a 5 gallon...
  11. Titan88

    MashLab Brewing Software | Free for HBT

    As the title states, I have programmed my own brewing software (desktop written in Java) and want to release it to everyone here. Currently, it is in the Alpha testing phase and has the current features: 1. Brewing Calculator 2. Tasting Notes 3. BJCP Beer/Cider/Mead Gradesheets 4. BJCP...
  12. beervoid

    Changing Trub loss in Beersmith results in more water but doesn't lower OG?

    Hello, Why is it that when I raise the trub loss amount in the beersmith water needed tab my sparge water amounts go up but my predicted OG stays the same?
  13. ClearedHot

    What's next for SW-controlled Brewing/Fermentation?

    Long-time lurker first-time poster, with a burning question for my fellow brew geeks: Is it time to collectively re-think our approach to software in the Brewery? I can hear the responses already "What a ridiculously vague question!" "What the hell are you on about?" "Can you help me get my...
  14. TandemTails

    Beersmith 2 and Yakima Valley Hops 3ml hop extract

    I have a 3mL shot of hop extract from Yakima Valley Hops: I added all of the info to beersmith and want to make sure it's properly calculating the IBUs. According to the link above, "One-milliliter yields around...
  15. ApolloMC

    Beersmith and Carapils

    Beersmith seems to have Carapils and Carafoam set as fermentable by default. Has anyone else noticed this? I know I can change it myself, but I'm just curious why this would be, or if I'm missing something. Was it just an oversight by the Beersmith devs? I'm up to date with 3.0. I think...
  16. Washington_Brewologist

    Brewing a robust porter this weekend and need some advice!

    According to beersmith, for the 13.81 Lbs of grain I need for my recipe, I would need 10.13 gallons of available space in my Kettle/Mashtun. I'm currently brewing with a 10-gallon kettle so I know that something needs to be adjusted. Also should mention that this is the first recipe I'm doing...
  17. Washington_Brewologist

    Brewing a robust porter and need some advise on kettle top up water...BIAB

    According to beersmith, for the 13.81 Lbs of grain I need for my recipe, I would need 10.13 gallons of available space in my Kettle/Mashtun. I'm currently brewing with a 10-gallon kettle so I know that something needs to be adjusted. Also should mention that this is the first recipe I'm doing...
  18. jgodfrey

    Mixing 2 known water sources - basic math and Beersmith question

    Hi All, I have a Ward Labs report for my tap water and I'd like to dilute it with some R/O water to tone down some of the compounds. I also have a report for the R/O water (from the provider) that I'll assume is accurate for my purposes. I assume that calculating the compounds resulting from a...
  19. frankvw

    Calculating partial boil recipes and Beersmith

    I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious, but I just can't see it... I'm trying to calculate a few recipes for a stove-top partial boil in small pots. Instead of boiling 3kg of malt extract topped up to 15 liters, I want to boil 1kg of malt extract topped up to 5 liters, then add the...
  20. U

    MLT Deadspace for Beersmith

    Hey all, my apologies if this has been asked a bunch but I can not seem to find an answer for the life of me. We brew all grain and just recently purchased the 15 Gallon MLT from MoreBeer with the false bottom. I measured the deadspace below the false bottom and it is approximately 2 gallons...